how to tighten up your online security in 10 minutes

No excuses: how to tighten up your online security in 10 minutes

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We care so much about our personal security. We pay taxes to the government in order to ensure there is a strong police force to protect us. We invest our hard-earned cash into installing the highest quality locks on the doors of our homes and the rich people among us even get a proper security system installed. We keep our money in banks as we know they shall keep it safer than we ever possibly could. All this because we know that there are people out there who are just waiting for the opportunity to either take what is rightfully ours for themselves. This is why caring about security is so important and the society is completely justified in making a big fuzz about it. Here’s a quick tip: make sure you look at the online reviews of as many things you can in order to get the best out of the digital world. A platform like Best Online Reviews could be helpful in this case.

Online security and why you need to care

But there is one area that we do not think to secure as much as we should. This is the security of our data and our privacy on the internet. There are often stories on the news about how X group of hackers attached Y website and stole large amounts of data or how they wiped the database of an organization that was woefully ill-equipped to deal with such a threat.

But in actuality, it is the lack of care on the part of the internet using populous that is the real culprit behind a lot of these unfortunate security mishaps. While completely securing your devices and data over the internet is nigh impossible, significantly increasing your online security is quite an easy task. So, let’s look at a few things you can do to secure your data and tighten your online security in just 10 minutes.

Keep your browsers up to date.

Updates can be annoying but there is a reason the manufacturers push so hard for you to update; these updates can be very important. Hackers are constantly figuring out new ways to attack your devices and in response to that, the software manufacturers are always trying to prevent these hackers from doing so by publishing a new update whenever they find a fix for a vulnerability that could have been exploited by the hackers. Hence by just allowing your browsers to stay up to date, you drastically reduce the risk of you being successfully attacked by a virus or a hacker.

Remove all browser extension that is have become outdated or are not from a verified source

Browser extensions allow the browser to do think it would not have been capable of on its own and as such are quite useful. However, they may end up making the browser open to attack from malicious content on various seemingly innocent websites if they become outdated or have been installed from non-official sources. Purging such extensions from your web browser will be a very wise decision.

Install verified security extensions

As previously stated, extensions can be quite useful. This is especially true for security extensions that can ensure that you stay away from harm by either blocking the websites that they suspect might have malicious intent or by giving warnings about it and try to minimize as much damage as possible. These extensions are very easy to install and can be done from the extension store of all the popular browsers.

Delete all suspicious emails or put them in the spam folder

Emails are a very convenient way for hackers to send a virus to your devices and the native spam filter may not always prevent such emails from landing in your inbox. Thus, removal of any emails that seem to come from an unfamiliar or suspicious looking source should be done on a regular basis to prevent them from accidentally being opened.

Regularly log out of all devices

This is something that is a cake walk of a task but people do not do it either out of sheer apathy or pure laziness. Unless you are really using your email address solely on your personal devices or take painstaking care when using someone else’s device, you should regularly log your email out of all device just in case you left it logged in somewhere it can be used to cause harm to you. This can be done from the settings in your inbox and takes no time at all.

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