Modern Technologies on Websites

All modern websites are equipped with many technologies which make them safe for users and add to the excitement.

Many sites implemented these technologies for us to be fully delighted with the services they offer. Nowadays, it’s not enough to have just a normal website with a standard range of technologies. Users need more and more innovations, and all the successful sites are adding as many new features as it’s possible. HolyMoly has found some common technologies used all around the internet:


Mobile compatibility

Some 15 years ago, only a couple of sites could boast having mobile access to their web pages. Nowadays, practically all of them are available on smartphones and tablets. Some platforms are available through a mobile browser, and others even have special applications for iPhone’s and Android devices. With mobile access, it is easy to be aware of all the updates on the go. You need only Internet and a mobile device, of course.

SSL encryption

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For you to be sure that all your personal data is safe, all modern websites use SSL encryption. Secure Sockets Layer encrypts the link between the server and a client.
All the sensitive information given by the user when registering is out of harm’s way. The information about this technology is usually placed in the “About us” section of any website.

Bitcoin payments

Crypto-currency is so popular nowadays that it is starting to enter many spheres of our life. Online shops have a standard list of payment methods including Visa/MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal and others. Only some of the shops offer to pay by Bitcoins. Such payments are fully anonymous, and you can be sure nobody knows about your purchases. Blockchains have the names which consist of 34 symbols, and that is all information which is visible to the recipient.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technologies are popular among all the social groups. They are used to treat some mental diseases and to adapt the prisoners to the social life. There are many websites which have already implemented VR technologies, mostly to help you with a difficult choice of sorts.

The Virtual Reality websites are those which utilize the WebVR and the WebGL APIs. Sounds too complicated, but that’s what inside these difficult technologies. They are used to create a 3D environment for exploring different websites using VR head-mounted displays.

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One of the popular websites using the VR technologies is the site for designers. You can try how your apartment, room or yard will look with different furniture and style. It’s a great opportunity to see your flat like in real before starting any repairs. Famous Ray Ban company have implemented a Virtual Mirror on their website. With the help of this special mirror, you can try on any sunglasses before buying them. Another site has a Modiface Makeover to try different makeups, before starting to do the actual makeup.

There are also many demo versions of the websites with VR technologies. They still have some drawback but worth trying anyway. The Oculus Rift goggles for VR are expensive, but this experience is unforgettable, especially if you have to do a hard choice and have a poor imagination.

Artificial Intelligence

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The future is already here, guys. Artificial Intelligence has reached even the websites and applications. Such huge companies as Google and Wikipedia are using this software on their sites. It makes the website think like a human. The brightest example is the program Moly, which was created for the amateur designers. It is fully creating a design according to the content you have prepared. Imagine, that practically anyone can create a unique website with the help of Moly.


Nowadays, we can meet more and more bots, which play the role of a conversational UI. Most of them can be found in different social media, such as Telegram, Viber, Whats App, Facebook, etc. They are used for promotional purposes mostly, but now companies are trying to use bots at customer support or even at delivery services. Soon we will be able to order pizza with the help of bots.


Earlier, push-notifications were mostly used on the mobile devices. They are used to remind you about the new messages in social media and other applications on your smartphone. Now, these notifications are used practically by all the websites. You can stay tuned even without visiting a particular website. All you need is to accept the notifications while you are on the site. You will always be aware of the news, updates, promotional offers, and other useful info of the website.


Who knows what technologies will appear in a year or 5 years? Maybe we will visit the websites without hands? God knows! We should be ready for everything that progress has prepared for us!