How to Become a Graphic Designer? 08 Tips to Follow

How to become a graphic designer? 08 Tips to Follow

How to become a graphic designer? This is the question that every design bird probe to himself. Before going toward becoming a graphic designer, one must know what graphic designer need to do? So, in this post we’ll discuss about few things that should be applied by you. These 8 tips will help you out that what you’ll need to do.


Graphic design is an artistic practice that can be adopt either for profession or for passion. And graphic designers are responsible for chromatic correspondent who develop electronic media and print like magazines, logos, product, TV graphics and website. Colors, shapes, typeface, websites, animation, photography, billboards, walls, building faces & social media is being used to convey message. If required, flags, airships & smoke indications can also be used. This is what a graphic designer needs to do to satisfy his client by playing with mentioned things.

Therefore, this post is for those who are really keen to be a graphic designer and for those who thinks if they should be so but don’t know how to become a graphic designer. I’ll say, yes, you should become a graphic designer. Here are 08 tips to follow to become a successful graphic designer.

Make a Decision in which You’re Interested in:

You might know that web development, advertising, animation or print design are dissimilar forms of graphic design. So, make a decision by focusing on appealing area in which are you interested in? You can choose both print & online but I’ll suggest to focus on just one to begin with.

How to become a graphic designer? - Make_a_Decision

Don’t Be Slave of very First Idea:

If an idea comes in your mind, don’t be fast to put it on your graphic program. Make a rough draft to observe what can work. Very soon you’ll get lot of good ideas which can be placed on graphic program and can amend at any time when another best idea derives into your mind.

How to become a graphic designer? - Don’t Be Slave of very First Idea


Get the Designing Software to Work in:

It is a big problem (for beginner) that how to get a designing software. It’s foremost to get any designing software before starting work. Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects are being used for this purpose. Play with all tools, arrange layers accordingly and apply different styles and font to be familiar with.

How to become a graphic designer? - Get the Designing Software to Work in


Things to Remember While Designing:

Designer prefers to make their design unique, stylish & eye-catching and obviously their thinking isn’t wrong. But if you see the work of professional designer, you’ll come to know that they don’t use any flashy & needless thing in their design. They believe in simplicity and current days designing tendency is moving in the direction of minimalism. So, you’ve a chance to be a capable graphic designer. Few things you must know when you’re going to design something;

  • Don’t use more stylish typeface that cannot be read, don’t use more two or three fonts.
  • Don’t use plenty of colors. Only three are enough to make your design perfect.
  • Design should be minimal. Make a survey or search what type of design user want actually.
  • Use graphics according to whatever you’re design. Symbol, images, typography or hand lettering can be used in minimalist way to allure user.

How to become a graphic designer? - Things-to-Remember-While-Designing

Collect Attention Grabbing Designs:

Collect all designs that can grab the attention such as post card, poster, T-shirt, brochure or food label etc. See with keen attention that how’s that designed. How to design it? How much time required to design it? What was designer’s thinking when he was designing it and so on.

How to become a graphic designer? - Collect Attention Grabbing Designs


Restyle Others Design:

O yes, this is what you can do easily by doing little of your effort. Try to restyle design of others according to your own taste and then see how much you can alter it. See what can be added that artist might have missed. All is what you may do whenever you get time.

How to become a graphic designer? - Restyle Other’s Design


Inspiration from Other Designers:

Rely on in yourself as a good graphic designer isn’t a bad. But you know good designer always get inspired from other designers to make their own work more perfect. You’ll get more ideas by looking their work, by seeing their way of work, by observing how they generate their design and so on. So, it isn’t bad at all to follow any designer by acknowledging their effort in a positive way.

How to become a graphic designer? - Inspiration from Other Designers


How to Make Your Portfolio:

If you have become a graphic designer, it would be the thing you need to make for yourself to let people know about you. Make your portfolio so that people can hire you. Remember always keep it update with newest work & try to take client references in as well. Portfolio leaves a good impression.

Make Your Portfolio for become a graphic designer


Now ask yourself without any hesitation, “Should I become a Graphic Designer”? And you’ll say yes with self-assured, “Oh yeah, I should so”. Because you might have an idea that what a graphic designer need to do? If you follow above mentioned steps, you’ll definitely be a great graphic designer. So, best of luck!