Be Cautious With Methods Used For White Label Backlinks

Backlinks are essential for search engines such as Google to rank the quality of the respective website. It is not important the number of backlinks that point to a page, but the quality of these backlinks. When you want to legitimately get a high ranking in the search engines, it is best to stay away from black label backlinks and consider white label backlinks. If a website accumulates a large number of unnatural backlinks in a short period of time, in the worst case, the so-called “Google penalty” can occur. This means that the website is completely excluded from the ranking. Therefore, you should regularly check which backlinks have been added recently and react accordingly to the “bad” backlinks.

Make Sure It Is Trustworthy

Because it also happens very often that you don’t put any backlinks, but someone tries to damage your website. If you find these links, you can have Google remove them. The “Disavow Links” tool is available for this purpose on Google Search Console. In short, from an SEO standpoint, you should always make sure that the backlinks pointing to your page are natural and relevant to the topic. The more “trustworthy” a website that links to your page is, the better for you.

Using Backlinks

Backlinks are more important than ever before. They are one of the key factors for Google when positioning a website in its results. With quality link building services, it is guaranteed that you will obtain reliable backlinks that comply with the technical aspects that your website or e-commerce needs. By having quality links from other websites, you are receiving recognition from a third party. These recommendations or mentions of your page accompanied by a link improve your credibility and position in front of your competition, increasing your visibility and traffic. When you consider white label backlinks, it means you have to use methods that are guaranteed to show that your website is operating under the radar. You should use the right measures to get traffic. Let us take a look at a couple ways you can use white label backlinks. 

Press Releases

The traditional sending of press releases has become a white label marketing practice, despite the fact that many believed it outdated. By sending press releases, the company becomes a source of information for journalists, with the aim of being mentioned in their articles. And, if so, get a link to the corporate website. The media has a lot of traffic and a very wide audience that constantly interacts both on the web and on social networks. This helps, without a doubt, the positioning of the brand.

Getting a link by publishing a press release is increasingly complicated. The media have realized their value and more and more are including backlinks as advertising, offering them their relevant rates. For example, putting a backlink to a corporate website in the middle of a news story is valued at a monetary cost. Obviously, the price varies according to the number of visits and the relevance of the medium.

Comments on Other Blogs

One of the most used methods when it comes to getting white label backlinks is to leave comments on other blogs or web pages. They are not always published, many of them are deleted and most do not even become public. Therefore, it is essential to know how to do it well, since from leaving a constructive comment to spamming there is a step, and the latter is not usually well received.

Every time you leave a comment or opinion elsewhere, the image of your brand is at stake. Before leaving the link, you have to know that it will not only influence SEO issues, it will also cause you to attract traffic to your website. Therefore, always try to add value to your comments. Think with a basic and an informed explanation of the topics that you master. Your comment should be aimed at a niche and be relevant, causing interest.

The Recommendations

You should also follow the following recommendations to make your strategy as effective as possible:

  • Use your name or your brand name
  • Beware of misspellings
  • Ask the author of the article for something to get their attention
  • Avoid clichés, be original.
  • Reply to the article with another post on your blog
  • Take care of the number of comments
  • Try to make them blogs that do not use “nofollow” links.

White label SEO methods can be complicated and expensive. That is why it is best to solicit help from a company that knows how to get the job done without spamming for backlinks. Their SEO tactics, if effective, will show in the number of quality backlinks you acquire.