7 Top Image Content Delivery Network Providers for Faster Websites in 2022

If you are a website owner and you haven’t heard of Content Delivery Network providers, then now’s the time to learn about them. A CDN provider is an agency that caches your website’s assets for you on multiple servers around the world. CDN providers can help you to deliver content to your users more efficiently. Additionally, using a CDN service will increase your site’s performance, reliability, resilience against cyberattacks, and cost savings.

If the aforementioned makes you want to get in touch with one of these services, then this post’s got you covered. Here are the top seven CDN providers for 2022:


Upload is one of the internet’s foremost CDN providers. The service provides a fast and reliable image CDN www.bytescale.com/cloudinary-alternative for automatic optimization. If you are looking for a CDN service, then this is one of the first ones for you to consider. The service allows you to upload integrates with frameworks and stacks like React, jQuery, and Vue.js. Before committing to using this provider, make sure that you read their reviews and do your research. It’s also important to conduct research online before using a service so that you can be sure that it suits you. You also need to make sure that it’ll work with the framework that you use.


Cloudflare is another of the internet’s most popular CDN providers. It is perhaps the most famous. In many ways, it is a household name. Anybody who has been using the internet for a long time will be familiar with Cloudflare, by name at least. If you are looking for a CDN provider, then Cloudflare’s one to consider. One of the advantages of using Cloudflare is that it’s extremely fast. Since you want a CDN to speed up your website, Cloudflare’s speed does make it an attractive option.


Fastly is a CDN that you might have heard of before. It’s certainly in the top five most popular, along with Upload and Cloudflare. As its name suggests, Fastly is a very fast CDN, which is great for people who need speed. However, Fastly does have its issues. It can be difficult to set up, it’s expensive, and it only offers mid-range speed results. If you are fine with these things, then you can go ahead and use them. Bear in mind that if you are going to use Fastly (as with Cloudfare and Upload), you should read their reviews and any guides written about them before making a decision.

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KeyCDN is easy to set up and affordable, but many users do say that it doesn’t perform very well. The reason that it’s so affordable is mainly that it performs a lot worse than many other CDNs do. If performance isn’t your main concern and you need something cheap and easy to get started with, then KeyCDN is worth considering. If you are new to using CDNs, then KeyCDN is a great starter option. You can use the platform and familiarise yourself with CDNs and their benefits, before moving on to a fast one, performs well but is a little more expensive.


If security is a concern of yours, then StackPath’s worth considering. Many of this CDN’s users say that it is the most secure CDN on the market. Security should always be one of your concerns because the internet’s overrun with fraud and cybercriminals. If you aren’t careful and don’t implement security measures (like using a secure CDN), then your business could be targeted by cybercriminals. A cybercriminal could cause havoc for your business, stealing your customer’s data, and then using it for fraud. If your customer’s data does fall into the hands of criminals, then it can seriously impact your reputation.


Akamai is a CDN that’s commonly used by industry professionals. It can be very complex to set up, so if you are new to the use of CDNs, it probably isn’t the best option for you. However, despite its complexity in getting started, this CDN performs incredibly well and has impressive coverage. Once you have familiarised yourself with VPNs and have learned to use them, then this is one that you might want to check out. It is one of this list’s best, along with Upload and Cloudflare.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is one of the computing world’s most prestigious companies. While Azure is certainly a good CDN, it doesn’t come close to being as good as some of the other CDNs outlined in this post. With that said, it’s still good as a basic CDN. The downside to Azure is that it is not very beginner-friendly. Its performance isn’t the best either, but then again, it’s not the worst. If you are looking for a basic CDN to use, then Azure’s worth considering. You will need a little bit of experience or at least some expert guidance before you can confidently use it, however.

Benefits of Using CDNs

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the benefits of using CDNs. After all, you are likely on this page because you are a beginner, so it’s good for you to also know what the benefits of a CDN are, in addition to the best CDN providers. By learning about the benefits of a CDN, you will be able to look for specific features offered by CDN providers, which will make your decision-making process a lot clearer and more concise.

Server Load

A CDN is a series of servers, hosted in different geographical locations. A CDN’s purpose is to deliver content. Traditionally, content would be stored on one main server. A single server hosting content can become heavily overloaded. A CDN can’t because of the large number of servers being utilized. CDNs also bring down your bandwidth and delivery costs. A reduction in server load is one of the greatest advantages of a CDN.

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Website Performance

Because there are lots of servers working simultaneously to deliver content to your audience, your website will perform a lot better. Internet users won’t want to use a site that doesn’t perform well. Good performance is one of the main things that people look for when they are looking for websites to use today. If you are an e-commerce store or sell a service, a better-performing website could significantly boost your sales and your customer satisfaction levels. Internet users generally won’t stay much longer than a minute on a website if it doesn’t perform well, or at least as well as your site’s competition.

Website Security

Security is something that you always need to think about, as mentioned previously. Internet fraud is on the rise. In addition to using a CDN for your site’s security, you should implement other security measures. The reason that you need to take your security so seriously is that if you are hacked or your customer’s data is stolen, customers won’t want to continue doing business with you. It is very common for businesses with relaxed security to lose customers after a hack or data breach. Customers don’t want their data to be mismanaged. Make sure that you also have a data privacy page, where you explain how your customer’s data is handled.

Content Availability

Today, internet users expect content to be available whenever they seek it out. If you use a single server and have a lot of traffic coming to your website, then this could cause your website to crash. If your website crashes, then consumers won’t be able to access your site’s content whenever they want to. This could then, in turn, lead to them going to your competitor’s websites and doing business with them. By using a CDN, you will be able to ensure that your site’s content is always available, which will improve your standing in the eyes of consumers.

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Cost Savings

CDNs can save you a lot of money, because having to pay for and maintain a private single server can be very expensive, more so than a CDN. You should always be looking for ways for your business to save money. The more money that you can save, the better your business will be able to perform. Make sure that any money you save through the use of CDNs (and anything else that you do to save money), you reinvest it back into your business so that you can improve functions and make your business more efficient.

Selecting a CDN Provider

If you are planning on getting a CDN, then you are going to need to find the provider who’s right for you. The best way to do this is to conduct online research, read potential providers’ reviews, and see what people have to say about them online. Internet forums are one of the best places to look for information about CDN providers, especially forums dedicated to technology. You can also join tech-related chatrooms and ask people for their advice. Take any recommendations made by strangers with a pinch of salt— be sure to follow up any recommendations with your research.

A CDN provider can significantly enhance your site’s performance, not to mention make it a lot more secure. If you are the owner of a website, then you will benefit from the use of a CDN. This post’s content should make finding the provider that’s perfect for you and your site much easier.