5 SEO Logo Tips To Make Your Business Stand
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If the combination “SEO logo” still seems weird to you, it’s time to discover ways search engine optimization and your logo design are interconnected. What’s more, it is also possible to optimize your logo image, making it more understandable for search engines. That’s why in this article, we will uncover five tips to create such a winning logo that will be memorable, recognizable, and SEO-friendly.

How Your Business Logo and SEO Are Interconnected?

At the first glance, it would seem that there is no connection between your logo and search engine optimization. However, some connection does exist, so let’s try to track it.

First of all, your business logo is one of the elements of your website design, while the design is directly connected with SEO. The recent article explains how to combine SEO with web design in the most effective way possible. So, the websites with awesome and smart design have lower bounce rates, deliver better user experience and drive positive behavior factors. The latter is essential for Google when ranking a website, so this is another reason why your logo should take its place in the website design and strengthen the impression of the users.

Also, there are some technical SEO nuances you have to keep in mind when optimizing a logo and making it an even more powerful tool for better visibility and discoverability in search results. Below are five logo optimization tips to follow and unlock the hidden opportunities for your SEO boost.

1.   Keep It Simple But Brand-Specific

Making your logo SEO-optimized is the second step while the first one is to develop such a logo that will consistently speak of your brand. Get started by researching design blogs dwelling on the ways to create a simple, brand-specific but still persuasive logo that will also be memorable and easily recognized.

However, it is easier said than done – that’s why most companies use the services of professional designers to come up with a winning logo that will reflect the company’s values. As for the ever-green advice for logo development, make sure to use the branded colors and fonts while keeping it as simple as possible.

2.   Pay Attention to the Logo’s Alt Tag

Next, let’s proceed with your logo SEO optimization. First, pay attention to the alt tag the image has. Make sure to add a branded name and some core keywords to it so that the search engine can easily recognize both name and the direction you are engaged in. This is the first step towards making your logo better visible in images search results in response to the branded query. You can also add your location if your business is geo-tailored.

3.   Revise the Logo’s File Name and Schema Markup

Also, pay attention to the logo’s file name. Change it to the one you are using for the alt tag, using the brand name and core keywords. Also, take a look at schema markup – this is a semantic markup with the help of which the search engine can identify your logo among the other images placed on the website. To change the schema markup, you have to deal with HTML code so using the services of web developers also makes sense if you have no technical skills.

4.   Use Your Logo as a Strong Local SEO Boost Tool

After you are done with changing the alt tags and revising schema markup, your logo can become a powerful tool for boosting your local search results, especially in response to the local and branded search queries. To enhance the results, get registered on Google My Business, and don’t forget to use your logo as your profile image. You are also welcome to use local platforms like Yelp to make your brands even more discoverable, plus strengthen your online reputation by gathering authentic reviews from your customers.

Pay attention to the file size. It is important to properly adjust image compression to maintain image quality. Therefore, do not forget to prepare an image through photo processing services or on your own using a graphics editor.

5.   Work on Boosting Your Brand Awareness and Recognition

As the last important point for your SEO boost, keep in mind that SEO optimization should be an ongoing strategy. Having your logo optimized is good but you have to proceed with boosting your brand awareness and recognition, using SEO best practices as well.

Growing your backlinks mass is one of the top tactics to improve your ranking and make your website better discoverable on Google, and creating guest posts is the most effective approach to quickly get high-quality do-follow backlinks plus grow your audience. So, consider getting some contextual links – they look as organically as possible, which gives the search engines the impression of being obtained naturally.


Making your logo SEO optimized is one of the ways to boost your SEO efforts. Make sure to follow the simple tips we have shared in this article, plus follow other practices for a quick SEO boost. Don’t forget about the need to keep your website well-designed, quick loading, and create top-notch content to reach the top search results organically.