11 Best Apps for Poetry Writing: Transforming the Art of Verse

In the digital age, the art of poetry writing has been revolutionized by the advent of apps specifically designed for this creative process. These apps as an essay writer service but just for poetry writing not only provide platforms for crafting and storing poems but also offer a myriad of features that enhance the writing experience. From tools that assist with rhymes and synonyms to platforms that connect a global community of poets, these apps cater to the diverse needs of both budding and seasoned poets.

In this article, we explore eleven of the best tools for poetry writing, each with its unique set of features. Whether you’re looking to capture spontaneous inspiration, participate in global writing challenges, or access a vast repository of poetic works for inspiration, these apps offer something for every poet. They transform smartphones and tablets into powerful tools for poetic expression, making poetry more accessible and engaging than ever before.

11 Best Apps for Poetry Writing

Poet Assistant

Poet Assistant is an app designed for both Android and iOS users, offering a suite of tools essential for poetry creation. This app features a built-in glossary, a tool for looking up definitions, and options for counting characters and words. Its text-to-speech capability enhances accessibility, allowing poets to hear their work read aloud. Ideal for poets of all skill levels, it supports creative writing by simplifying the process of finding the right words and phrases.

Miraquill (Formerly Mirakee)

Miraquill, previously known as Mirakee, is a creative writing platform and poem writing app available on Android and iOS. It connects a global community of readers, writers, and poets through creative challenges and the ability to write, edit, and share stories or poems. Users can enhance their posts with images and various fonts, making it a hub for creative expression. The platform encourages interaction and feedback, offering a dynamic space for poetic exploration.


JotterPad, available on Android, caters to novelists, screenplay writers, and bloggers. This versatile app allows users to format their work effectively and convert it into various formats. It’s an ideal tool for writers who need to adapt their content for different publishing standards, providing a streamlined, user-friendly interface. JotterPad simplifies the writing process, making it a valuable asset for professional writers and enthusiasts alike.

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Poetry App

The Poetry App by the Poetry Foundation, available for Android and iOS, acts as a repository of works from various genres, including love, nature, celebration, and more. It’s more than just a writing tool. It serves as a resource for inspiration and education. Users can access a wide range of poetic works, making it an invaluable tool for those seeking to explore different styles and themes in poetry.

Rhymer’s Block

Exclusively for iOS users, Rhymer’s Block is a unique app offering cloud-based storage, sources of inspiration, and rhyming word suggestions. It’s tailored for poets and lyricists, providing real-time assistance in finding the perfect rhyme. The app’s ability to store and sync work across devices makes it a reliable tool for writers who are constantly on the move, ensuring their creative flow is uninterrupted.

Lyric Notepad

Lyric Notepad, available for both Android and iOS, is an excellent, user-friendly tool for composing songs, poems, or rap lyrics. It offers comprehensive features such as rhyming words, extensive synonyms, and efficient note-taking capabilities. This app is specifically designed to assist lyricists and poets in crafting their verses with enhanced precision and creativity, making it a go-to, indispensable resource for those in the music and poetry realms.

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Writer App

Writer App, specifically designed for Android users, offers an efficient solution for editing and storing poetry and related works. It provides a range of text formatting options, allowing users to customize their work with different fonts, colors, and themes. The app organizes content in chronological order, making it easy to manage and access past writings. It’s particularly efficient for note-taking, making it a useful tool for poets and writers.

Blackout Bard

Blackout Bard is a uniquely creative app available for both Android and iOS users, designed to inspire and nurture poetic creativity by blacking out unselected words in a text. This innovative technique strategically highlights selected words and their intriguing connections, creating a visually distinct and unique poem. The app actively encourages users to experiment with various word combinations, fostering creative thinking and poetic expression in a visually engaging and artistically stimulating way.


Poetics, available for iOS users for $1.99, is an innovative app that significantly enhances the immersive experience of visual poetry. It uniquely allows poets to add expressive graphics, images, and pictures to their poems, complemented by extensive editing options for font, color, size, scale, and angle. This app is ideal for contemporary poets who want to artistically blend visual art with their poetry, offering a versatile, multifaceted platform for creative and experimental expression.

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Poetry Magazine App

The Poetry Magazine App provides an extensive, diverse array of poetry writing tools and resources for aspiring and experienced poets. It grants access to a wide range of poems, serving as a valuable, enriching resource for both inspiration and education in poetry. The app is ideal for poets looking for exposure to various styles and genres, broadening their poetic horizons and sparking new, innovative ideas in their own writing.

Instant Poetry!

Instant Poetry!, designed for Android devices, is a perfect interactive app for poets who enjoy engaging wordplay and value community feedback. It features a category-based search for poems and allows users to share their creative compositions with the vibrant Instant Poetry community. This app is ideal for poets actively seeking engagement and constructive feedback on their work, providing a collaborative platform for sharing and discovering fresh, new poetry.

Conclusion: The Transformative Role of a Poem Writing App

The landscape of poetry writing has been significantly enhanced by the development of specialized apps. Each poetry writing app discussed in this article offers unique features that cater to different aspects of the poetic process, from ideation and creation to sharing and receiving feedback. These apps have made poetry more accessible, providing poets with the tools they need to refine their craft and connect with a broader audience. Whether you are a novice poet looking for inspiration and guidance or an experienced writer seeking a platform to share your work, these apps offer valuable resources to support and enhance your poetry journey.

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