Monarch money

Monarch money

Monarch AI Assistant is a personal finance assistant powered by artificial intelligence. It simplifies financial management through a conversational interface that offers personalized advice and insights. By using the latest AI technology, Monarch learns from user interactions and provides customized solutions to help users achieve their financial goals.

Key features of Monarch include net worth tracking, budgeting, investment management, spending insights, a customizable dashboard, recurring transactions, and collaboration capabilities. The tool also allows users to compare their spending habits with others, find ways to save more money, track progress towards their goals, and bring all their financial accounts together in one place.

Monarch is currently in private beta and can be accessed on the web as well as iOS and Android platforms. The company behind Monarch aims to make financial tools accessible to everyone while prioritizing data privacy and protection.

Thousands of families are already using Monarch to improve their financial health. As a competitor to other personal finance management tools like Mint and YNAB, Monarch offers pricing options along with additional resources such as calculators and a help center.

Pricing: $14.99/month