In today’s fast-paced business environment, meetings play a crucial role in driving organizational success. However, inefficient meetings can be a significant drain on time and resources. This is where Meetgeek comes to the rescue. Meetgeek is a cutting-edge meeting management platform that leverages advanced technologies to maximize the value of your meetings.

Discover the powerful features of MeetGeek.

1. Automated Recording and Summarization

Meetgeek automatically records your meetings and generates concise summaries of the key highlights. This eliminates the need for manual note-taking and ensures that important information is captured accurately for future reference.

2. Real-time Transcription and Closed-captioning

With Meetgeek, you can enjoy real-time transcription and closed-captioning during your meetings. This feature enhances inclusivity by ensuring that participants with hearing impairments can fully engage in the conversation.

3. Keyword Search and AI-based Notes

Finding specific information discussed during a meeting has never been easier! Meetgeek’s provides powerful keyword search capabilities within recordings and transcriptions, enabling you to quickly locate relevant content. Additionally, AI-based notes offer intelligent insights on meeting topics, helping you extract valuable takeaways effortlessly.

4. MeetGeek integrates smoothly with productivity tools.

Meetgeek’s seamlessly integrates with popular productivity tools, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, task management platforms, document repositories, and collaboration tools. This allows for a streamlined workflow where all your meeting-related data is centralized in one place.


5. Multi-language Support and Direct Inbox Delivery

Whether it’s English, Spanish, French or any other language of your choice, Meetgeek caters to diverse teams by providing multi-language support throughout its features. Moreover, it can send comprehensive meeting summaries directly to users’ inboxes, ensuring that everyone stays informed and up-to-date.

Pricing: Free
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