Jusi simplifies technical specifications creation and helps find development studios. Jusi collects information through conversation-style dialogue to create detailed technical specifications without missing important details. Special computer programs help Jusi to find 20 development studios that match the user’s requirements.

Key Features and Advantages of Jusi

Jusi is a useful tool for businesses that need technical specifications and recommendations for development studios.

  1. Conversation-Style Dialogue: With Jusi’s natural language processing capabilities, users can engage in conversation-style dialogues to provide all the information required for creating accurate and detailed technical specifications. This ensures a seamless and efficient communication process between users and Jusi’s.
  2. Top Development Studio Candidates: Jusi uses its AI algorithms to analyze factors like expertise, past performance, portfolio quality, and client reviews to select the 20 best development studios for a project. This saves businesses valuable time and effort in researching potential partners.’s
  3. Cost and Time Reduction: Jusi can make applications much faster and cheaper. It can reduce production time by up to 20 times and lower costs by up to 12 times. By automating certain aspects of the process and streamlining workflows, Jusi’s optimizes efficiency without compromising quality.

Use Cases

Jusi caters to a wide range of use cases across different industries:

  1. Startups: Jusi’s helps startups create technical specifications for their innovative ideas. Startups can find reliable partners to develop their ideas by accessing recommendations for top development studios.
  2. Established Businesses: Jusi’s assists established businesses in creating technical specifications for new digital applications or website features. By identifying suitable development studios, these businesses can ensure seamless integration of new functionalities into their existing systems.
  3. Project Managers: Jusi’s can help project managers find suitable development partners with a simplified process. By saving time in the partner selection phase, project managers can allocate resources more efficiently and accelerate project timelines.


Jusi provides a quick and reliable solution for businesses seeking to create their ideas with the aid of AI technology. Jusi’s simplifies digital project launching for startups, businesses, and project managers by reducing costs and streamlining the technical requirements process.

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