FaceCheck ID: Search for People Online by Photo


In today’s digital age, it has become increasingly important to verify the identity of individuals we come across online. Whether it’s for personal relationships or professional engagements, knowing who you are dealing with can save you from potential scams, frauds, and even danger. With FaceCheck ID, you can conveniently search for people online by their photo and gain valuable insights into their background and presence on various platforms. With this tool, you can verify someone’s identity, protect your family, and avoid fraud.

The FaceCheck ID has essential features that make it stand out.

Verify the Authenticity:

By uploading a person’s photo, FaceCheck ID enables you to confirm whether they are real or using a fake profile. This is very useful when you need to build trust in online interactions.

Discover Social Media Profiles:

FaceCheck ID scans multiple social media platforms and presents you with any associated profiles found. This allows you to get a better understanding of the person’s online presence and potentially uncover any red flags.

Search Through Blogs, Videos, and News Websites:

The tool goes beyond social media and extends its search capabilities to blogs, videos, and news websites. It helps find more information about the person and shows a complete picture of their online actions.

Compare Against Mugshot Databases:

FaceCheck ID cross-references the uploaded photo against extensive mugshot databases available online. This ensures that you can identify any potential criminal history or involvement with law enforcement agencies.

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Identify Sex Offenders and Suspects in News:

With access to databases containing records of sex offenders and suspects featured in news articles, FaceCheck ID assists in flagging individuals who may pose a threat or have been implicated in unlawful activities.

Enhanced Safety Measures:

Ensuring the safety of your family is of utmost importance, and FaceCheck ID assists in safeguarding your loved ones by compiling a database of individuals with criminal records. It refers to people who have committed violent crimes, sexual offenses, kidnapping, abuse, murder, hate crimes, burglary, and fraud.

Uncover Catfish and Romance Scammers:

FaceCheck ID helps you identify catfish or individuals operating fake dating profiles. It lowers the risk of romance scams and fake online relationships.

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Avoid Dating Swindlers and Convicts:

Use FaceCheck ID to check the background of the person you are about to date and find out if they have a criminal past or have been involved in fraudulent activities.

Unmask Con-Artists Before Doing Business:

FaceCheck ID helps identify individuals with a history of dishonesty, which is helpful for selecting trustworthy business partners or service providers. This information allows you to make informed decisions and protect your interests.

Uncover Abusers and Sex Offenders:

FaceCheck ID is an incredibly valuable tool that plays a crucial role in safeguarding vulnerable individuals from potential harm. Our solution can quickly detect and alert authorities of sexual offenders by searching through multiple databases and platforms. This helps ensure the safety of potential victims. The importance of FaceCheck cannot be emphasized enough. It prevents potential threats that could harm our communities’ safety and security.

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Detect Fake Video Reviews and Testimonials:

FaceCheck ID helps detect fake video reviews and testimonials that can deceive consumers, especially in the age of online reviews heavily affecting buying decisions. Ensuring authenticity helps maintain transparency and consumer trust.

FaceCheck ID possible ways of use.

  1. Identity Verification for Online Interactions: When meeting someone online for the first time through social media platforms or dating websites/applications, use FaceCheck to verify their identity before establishing trust.
  2. Background Check Before Dating or Entering a Relationship: Prior to getting involved in a romantic relationship or going on a date with someone new, conduct a thorough background check with FaceCheck to ensure the person has no criminal history or fraudulent intentions.
  3. Family Safety and Protection: Keep your family safe by using FaceCheck ID to search for potential threats or individuals with criminal records in your area or the areas where your loved ones reside. This proactive approach helps provide peace of mind and ensures the safety of those closest to you.
  4. Uncovering Fake Profiles and Scams in Online Dating: In the era of online dating, it’s imperative to confirm the credibility of profiles before initiating communication or arranging a face-to-face encounter. Use FaceCheck ID to identify any red flags associated with fake profiles or potential scams.
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