$49 per month
Astria AI

Astria is an advanced AI platform designed exclusively for enterprises. It offers personalized AI assistants that cater to individual team members, helping automate tasks and improve overall efficiency within the organization.

These AI assistants can be customized according to enterprise requirements, allowing users to shape their appearance, communication style, demeanor, and unique personality traits. This creates a one-of-a-kind digital team member experience.

Astria’s product suite prioritizes user satisfaction, optimizing workflows and enhancing the overall work experience. The platform includes automated AI tools specifically tailored for tasks such as RFP/grant writing and submission, DOD contract management, and AI-powered communications. This ensures streamlined operations for businesses.

By allowing businesses to create personalized AI team members for various roles like paralegal, recruiter, consultant, or Salesforce, Astria significantly boosts productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. These all-in-one AI solutions have already made a significant impact in film production marketing, legal services, and enterprise marketing.

With Astria’s assistance, businesses can ensure compliance with regulations while reducing errors and effortlessly securing funding. The customized AI team members provided by Astria give enterprises a competitive edge and open up new growth opportunities.


Astria’s AI Singularity for Enterprise empowers businesses with essential tools that effectively automate operations, streamline workflows efficiently, and enhance accuracy across diverse business processes.

Pricing: $49 per month