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Best WordPress Plugins For Blog Spam Protection

Best WordPress Plugins For Blog Spam Protection

Here is a list of some of the best WordPress plugins for stopping people spamming on your blog. Most of them are aimed at stopping automated spam bots, but some are good for helping you to stop the manual spammers. Some are also good for helping you to block spammers too. Some of the plugins will help you stop pingbacks and trackbacks spam, as well as the lesser known referral spam. The list is in no particular order, but does feature some of the best anti-spam software available on the market, and the fact that they are plugins for the world famous WordPress platform, creates a marriage made in heaven.


This is a CAPTCHA program that also stops pingback and trackback spam too. It is compatible with quite a few programming codes, so will work on a number of different blog types (on WordPress).



A great anti-spam plugin for WordPress. Grouped with WordPress, Akismet needs a key code, but in any case is effortless to setup and gives fantastic “set it and forget it” protection from spam in WordPress.



JavaScript-based, this is an anti-spam plugin that utilizes JavaScript to sift out spam discretely, without leaving gaping holes in the comment section. Clients without JavaScript should demonstrate their genuine intentions by means of a CAPTCHA program.


Comment Spam Stopper

Blue Anvil’s anti-spam plugin is a CAPTCHA-based program and incorporates JavaScript validation to guarantee that required fields within the comment area have been populated with information. It means that if you put none-standard questions in the comment section, that spam-bots (automated spammers) will not be able to abuse your comment section. It is a very passive way of stopping automated spam bots.


Comment Spam Trap

Delivers a twofold knockout by including a concealed spam field, and an indistinguishable CAPTCHA field. This effortless tool tricks spam bots into uncovering themselves to the program, after which the program bans the spam bot from entering information (hence the term “trap” in the plugins name). Moreover it will trackback spam and block it, and will send a notice message to you and the people it blocks.


Cookies for Comments

This comment spam protector takes a very different route to adding a CAPTCHA or a random URL style sheet. Instead it sets a cookie in the computer that requests a URL via a browser. The cookie is needed to allow the user to place a comment, so automated spam bots cannot enter a comment.


Did You Pass Math?

CAPTCHA devices can be circumvented, but with this program you have to answer a math question. This means that the potential number of answers is massive and a computer program is going to have trouble guessing the right one. This is another set it and forget it program, because it needs no further input once you have installed it onto your blog.



This is a JavaScript program which filters out spam bots. It also removes their comments too. This means that it can prevent programmed spam, and remove it once it has been installed. A real life user must enter a code in order to use the comment section. This means that only manual spam may be entered.


Peter’s Custom Anti-Spam

This is an anti-spam program that has CAPTCHA installed. It has lots of customizable features. It requires any commenters to answer a CAPTCHA question. They do not insist on installing a cookie, there is no need for JavaScript; it has a random font display and will even provide a random audio CAPTCHA for people who cannot see very well. It has trackbacks installed and pingbacks which can be used for selective blocking.


reCAPTCHA Plugin

This uses a CAPTCHA program that displays words from very old books, which the user must enter correctly before being able to continue with their comment. It is a popular CAPTCHA program because it is not as difficult as most other CAPTCHA programs. The words are images and are clearly visible. There is no need to work in order to figure out what the word says, which is good because it is often this “work” that scares off legitimate commenters.


Referrer Bouncer

Referrer spam is a clever little trick. Fake URLs will refer to your website. For example you may run a search that says the Forex site and BBC news site has referred to your blog. This is very interesting, so you will follow the referral but it will send you to a different website. This will get the spammer more traffic, and sometimes people will link back to referring sites because they think it has come from an important website. This tool will simply remove this problem. All you need to do is install the plugin, and it will stop fake referrers tricking you.


Simple Trackback Validation

This is similar to the referral blocker, but stops trackback spam instead. It will validate trackbacks with an IP/referrer check. It checks the trackback page for your URL. The plugin has a settings page so that you may configure the plugin. It is easy include blocked trackbacks, as well allowing you to delete blocks too.


Spam Free

This is an anti-Spam plugin which stops comment spam, stops pingback spam and trackback spam. It has lots of features, such as the standard CAPTCHA, or no CAPTCHA required tool. It has dashboard counters for blocked spam and also allows a spam-free contact form.


Word Verify

This is a CAPTCHA anti-spam WordPress plugin which is a lot easier than most CAPTCHA programs because it is made up of text rather than an image. The awkward look of most CAPTCHA programs means that many legitimate commenters type in the wrong thing. This is often enough to encourage them to abandon their attempts to comment. This one is easier to read and therefore easier to get right the first time. The roadblock it creates can be overcome by sophisticated spamming programs, but most automated spamming programs are going to fail to enter their spam. Smaller blogs are not often targeted by the more complex OCR-capable spambots, and also need all the comments they can get, so this program is the best one for them.

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