Superb Movie Posters by Paul Shipper

In this post you’ll see superb movie posters by Paul Shipper who is brilliant digital artist. He is used to create art for entertainment advertising and films.

Paul is a traditional and digital artists who knows how to use techniques for creating art. He is from Malmesbury, United Kingdom. He ardent himself to create film poster art on a self-proclaimed mission to bring the beloved old school illustrated movie poster back to the cinema and beyond. Taking up digital painting with his traditional art background is just one example of his ability to use the tools and delivery methods of today while staying true to the traditional artistic he holds so close to his heart. Paul’s illustrations have been appreciated and praised by key players within the film industry including J.J. Abrams, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Tom Hanks, Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski’s. Particularly, one of Paul’s illustrated posters was awarded Silver at the prestigious 2014 Key Art Awards in Hollywood.

I must say that Paul is one of the most brilliant, artistic mind and awesome illustrators who have creative mind. His work is simply tremendous, best, awe and remarkable. I am sure readers will like his superb movie posters.

Paul Shipper

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Superb Movie Posters Superb-Movie-Posters Superb-Movie-Posters

Superb Movie Posters Superb-Movie-Posters Superb Movie Posters Superb-Movie-Posters Superb Movie Posters Superb-Movie-Posters Superb Movie Posters Superb-Movie-Posters Superb-Movie-Posters Superb-Movie-Posters Superb-Movie-Posters


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