How to Become a UX Designer – Infographic

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  1. nOttenga says:

    That’s great. Useful for my portfolio. Thank You!

  2. Jonathan Partlow says:

    This is more like a description of a UX Technician or an Interaction Designer rather than a UX Professional and is but a small part of what a Great UX designer can and does do. The problem with this type of narrow framing is that it sets the expectation and bar very low and only looks at the ‘User Experience’ as if it begins and ends with the “technology/interaction”. Real User Experience Designers (those that are UX Designers in more than title) are holistic thinkers and consider the entire system and user experience from pre-introduction of the clients awareness, service design, strategic design, branding, legacy impact and experience, business models, company cultures, product design, etc. – There is as much (or more) strategic design, project management, philosophy, psychology, business and systemic design in designing for the user experience as a holistic User Experience Designer as there interface design.

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