Here’s 20 excellent custom logo design collection which has been created during 2014-2015. Some of them are used and some of them are unused proposals.

These custom logos have been created by Esteban Oliva who is freelance designer. He is from Madrid, Spain. These logo collection is not just simple but elegant as well. Color combination, selection of font and background texture or color is perfect. I am sure you guys will like this logo design collection. Here are these;

20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-001 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-002 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-003 20 Custom Logo Design Collection 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-005 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-006 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-007 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-008 20 Custom Logo Design Collection 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-010 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-011 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-012 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-013 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-014 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-015 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-016 20 Custom Logo Design Collection 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-018 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-019 20-Custom-Logo-Design-Collection-020