Akrobat – Simple Free Sans Serif Font

Akrobat is a modern, simple free sans serif font which emanates in 8 weights with geometric aesthetics.

This modern but simple free sans Serif font is narrow proportion is well suited to make seamless headlines, typographic, short text paragraphs, headlines and logos.

It has more than 500 glyphs with extensive range of languages, prolonged Latin and Cyrillic character support along with Bulgarian localization features.


Akrobat - Simple Free Sans Serif Font Akrobat_Modern_Free_Sans_Serif_Font_002 Akrobat_Modern_Free_Sans_Serif_Font_003

Akrobat_Modern_Free_Sans_Serif_Font_004 Akrobat - Simple Free Sans Serif Font Akrobat - Simple Free Sans Serif Font Akrobat_Modern_Free_Sans_Serif_Font_007 Akrobat_Modern_Free_Sans_Serif_Font_008 Akrobat_Modern_Free_Sans_Serif_Font_009 Akrobat - Simple Free Sans Serif Font


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