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Beautifull Social Media Icons

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Comments (6)
  1. zaipamn says:

    Great ideas, Maan, but much better if put the equivalent in word. Example, what is p in yellow, and P in italic as I am not familiar mostly of the icons. This is only my observation. Don’t get me wrong.

  2. Maan Maan says:

    Hi zaipamn,
    Thanks for your comment, it’s posterous “social bookmarking” icon, but its a great point you note, 🙂

    1. zaipamn says:

      Greetings, Maan. I appreciate your explanation.

  3. luca says:

    I i’m luca from italy .
    I’m a musician and I using your beautiful social icons , but I realized that you don’t have a Bandcamp icon .
    you can do it ?
    sincerely I like your icon and I don’t want change


  4. Nam says:

    Hi Maan,

    Can I use this set for commercial projects?

    Thanks very much!

    1. Maan Maan says:

      Hi Nam,
      yes you can use it.

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