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What Makes a Website Design More Responsive and Why is it so Important?

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  1. Jack Thomas says:

    Responsive websites are the wave of the future don’t you think?

    They are a little bit more tricky to work on, but absolutely necessary for web designers of the future! Article was nicely written.

  2. The More responsiveness and more importance of your website is really through these parts.
    According to me the media Quires is important part which play an important role for our website.
    Your post is amazing, i enjoyed reading it and learn a lot from it.

  3. Erik says:

    I just wrote this article a few days ago, it talks about how to implement media queries, has code examples of how they work, and walks you through the most basic method of setting up a responsive page using the Bootstrap framework. I also included a sample HTML file that can be used to fiddle with the responsive design and work with it yourself.

    It might let people take this article a bit further by trying it out themselves.

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