Creative & Alternative Marvel Comic Movie Posters

An important landmark in childhood- watching your first Marvel Comic Movie was an experience that stuck with you. With any great film, comes a great movie poster. Stuck on the bedroom walls of devoted fans, be them kids or adults. Here’s a list that collates the 10 best Marvel Comic Movie Posters of all time!

1. A great example of artwork, this poster for Spiderman manages to draw your attention in without even showing SpiderMan himself on the cover. This lack of visibility is what makes it so effective. The red sports the colour red, symbolic of SpiderMan’s costume colour, with black cobwebs filling the background, the poster shows an outstretched hand which looks like it’s just about to be encroached on by a spider dangling off the spider web.


2. X-men is classic, with various comics, TV shows and films- paying tribute to the great the group of iconic superhero’s we’ve grown up reading about and watching. It comes as no surprise that it’s inspired some great art work in the form of movie posters. This poster for X-Men Primera Generation does it justice- with a large and iconic “X” dominating the background image, the poster reveals the superhero’s posed towards the front, mid walk towards the camera shot- making it a real scene of action.

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3. Set against a backdrop of a grey, urban city, clearly under distress, with helicopters visible above; this poster for The Avengers features the characters in a ready to attack pose towards the camera shot!  

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4. This Captain America locks your attention straight away- with Captain America positioned right in the middle of the shot, his large figure looking menacing, with his gaze directed towards the front as if staring you out. The use of the dark colours in the background go the extra mile in accentuating his red and blue costume. Cigar in hand, Captain America in this shot retains every inch of fear evoking and intimidation, in a relaxed and calm stance- making it more powerful as an image.

Creative Doodle Art of Lei Melendres


5. Whilst many Marvel Comic inspired movies follow the same trend in showcasing their characters in a ready to fight stance towards the camera, this movie poster for Thor, employs a completely different technique. With it’s simple and plain background, this Thor poster simply features Thor’s famous hammer, with internal cracks visible, symbolic of the way in which is shatters and destroys. Within each cracked segment lies a face- a character, giving it an extra element.

Inspirational Digital Art by Mysterykids


6. Rough, violent and fearful- this movie poster for Wolverine sums up the character pretty well. The clawed metal is an unsettling sight, particularly paired with the light bloodstain to the right hand side- making it a good taster of what’s to come in the movie!


7. With so many art posters circulating around the web, it’s indeed difficult to pick a favourite amongst the many creative and alternative movie posters for Batman, however this one is definitely a high contender. The dull brick background is brilliant in emphasising the use of colour, which sports a drawn on face- eyes, and mouth to be precise- in what looks like paint. This image resonates with the character “The joker” bearing a slightly resemblance to clown make up, whilst the lips are shaped to resemble Batman’s logo. Making it half Batman, half the joker- or half good, half evil0 as some could say.


8. Almost immediately the menacing yellow eyes grab your attention in this Iron Man movie poster. The fierce looking face intensifies that menacing image, making it a poster that would certainly turn a fair few heads.


9. Laden with the hero’s famous colour- green, this poster for The Hulk epitomises the character so well, in such a simplistic style. The cover is an illustration of a clenched fist, representative of the hero’s anger.


10. The Fantastic Four marks another creation of a brilliant creative and alternative poster, adored by fans alike. With the gang of hero’s positioned towards the front, it features them looking out into the distance, ready to take on anything coming their way. A powerful and strong image that really stays with you.