Deal of The Week: Appareo Font Family – Vintage, Weathered Typeface

Don’t you just love old book stores? The smell of those classic volumes and especially the vintage look of the old, weathered type both on the cover and on the yellowed pages within. A simple glance at that vintage style and you’re instantly overcome with a very nostalgic feeling.


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Now you can easily capture that wonderful feel with the Appareo Font Family from Kimmy Design. What’s more, you can capture it at a total steal! This Mighty Deal offers the Appareo Font Family at a massively marked down price. Get this vintage font with 4 distinct weights, 4 different styles, 5 character variations, and over 80 vintage graphic elements, all for just $12!

Appareo Font Family Highlights:

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  • Unique Vintage Feel
    There’s just something about old weathered books that elicits a warm feeling. And this Appareo font captures that feeling with perfection, as this serif font emits a vintage books feel through its distressed and worn appearance.
  • 4 Distinct Weights
    This collection includes four different weights for the Appareo font: Black, Medium, Light, and Extralight. The weights offer varying degrees of distress from a printing process, ranging from fully set into the page (Black) to the heaviest amount of distressed texture (Extralight).
  • 4 Different Styles
    Each weight comes in 4 different styles, as well. Choose from Upper case, lower case, regular (upright) and custom italics. That’s a huge variety of styles, weights and formats to work into your latest designs.
  • 5 Character Variations
    Every letter in the Appareo font family includes 5 variations to give it a truly authentic vintage touch. Whether it’s a duplicate letter in a headline or multiple paragraphs of text, these variations further add to the incredibly weathered and worn style of this unique fontface.
  • 80+ Additional Graphics
    It takes more than pure fonts to go vintage, and Appareo certainly delivers! This collection includes more than 80 different graphic elements such as banners, borders, frames and other extras, all with the same slight texture and worn edges for a truly vintage feel. These graphics are delivered as a font as well as .ai and .eps vector files and in PDF and .png formats.


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