Winter´s campaign for Homeless | Digital Retouch

Winter’s campaign for homeless was held in Belo Horizonte to collect warm clothing and blankets for needy people.

Images of winter’s campaign for homeless were taken by Marco Mendes and retouches by Paulo Sampaio. They made pictures of people who lives on the street by running campaign to provide them warm cloth and blankets so they can cover their body and save themselves from winter.

Both purpose was successfully gained. Taking photographs and make necessary stuff available. They did it beautifully and brilliantly and titled it with “Winter´s campaign, your donation makes fashion”. Yes, wonderful thinking this was to make donation a fashion. Creative mind, creative idea. Appreciated.

All images are really cool and lively. They are homeless but yet they are looking full of life. Their eyes, smile, actions give message of life and say, “yes life exists”.

I am sure you guys would like this post and would get inspiration to do something for such homeless people.

Winter´s campaign for Homeless Winter´s-campaign-for-Homeless Winter´s campaign for Homeless Winter´s-campaign-for-Homeless Winter´s-campaign-for-Homeless Winter´s-campaign-for-Homeless Winter´s-campaign-for-Homeless Winter´s campaign for Homeless



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