Outstanding Underwater Shipwreck Photography by Von Wong

Outstanding Underwater Shipwreck Photography by Benjamin Von Wong

An underwater shipwreck Photography in shores of Bali by Benjamin Von Wong.

Benjamin Von Wong is a photographer who impressed people with his astonishingly creative photos of a Man on Fire. He’s from Montreal, province of Quebec. A large scale shoot has been taken with seven divers, two models and an underwater shipwreck off the shores of Bali. These images are truly awe-inspiring that’s giving a picture of models who are discovering the sunken carcasses of 50 year old shipwreck. Their frocks and hairs are flowing graciously in flows of the ocean and they seems like sea fairies or ancient goddesses.

The photographer, models and all had to be taught and approved to go underwater. So, only certified and trained divers were required for the photo shoot. Additional safety measures had to be taken to make sure the protection of the models in holding their breath and directing the shipwreck. Von Wong had to make use of natural light because equipment was limited. Surreal and attractive the underwater images conveyance the viewer to another world that’s chock-full with fantasy.

Outstanding-Underwater-Shipwreck-Photography Underwater-Shipwreck-Photography-by-Benjamin-Von-Wong Underwater Photography Underwater Photography by Von Wong Outstanding-Underwater-Shipwreck-Photography-by-Benjamin-Von-Wong Shipwreck Photography