Today we are going to share outstanding gravity flouting Levitation Photography by Bairon Rivera. Hope our reader will like these photos.

Bairon Rivera is an abstract photographer who seems to challenge gravity in his interesting photo series Levitation in which people are jumping, dropping, and floating in midair. All photos are awesome, spectacular and interesting as Rivera gives a surreal tone on his photos that’s impossible and not to exist in this world. Photos are simply amazing, gradually walking up the side of a tree, moving unstably above a stream of water and riding a bicycle through the air without steering wheel.

01-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 02-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 03-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 04-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 05-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 06-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography Outstanding Gravity Flouting Levitation Photography 08-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 09-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 10-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 11-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 12-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 13-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography Outstanding Gravity Flouting Levitation Photography 15-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography 16-Outstanding-Gravity-Flouting-Levitation-Photography Outstanding Gravity Flouting Levitation Photography


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