Moscow City during Christmas Festival

Here are some mind blowing photographs of Moscow city during Christmas festival. It will leave you speechless.

Christmas is most awaiting and celebrating festival in the world. This is the occasion is celebrated with zeal and zest. People make preparation many days before this day. Some cities do their best to make this day as memorable, joyful and awesome as they can make. Moscow is capital of Russia and largest city of it as well. This is one of those cities that did a good job by pushing the boat out of this day. It happens just because of Kristina Kakeeva who is one of the Russian photographer. Just see how they delight in their Christmas on Red Square and Kremlin. She was able to capture the city as if it were a winter utopia. Each image seizures a bold personal style, finding a beautiful balance between the sharp lines, the constant motion of people and rainfall and overexposed scenes.

You will find the utmost beautiful images of Moscow city during Christmas festival. Each and every image will grab your attention and you’ll feel as you’re seeing fairy-tale scene.

Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-001 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-002 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-004 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-005 Moscow City during Christmas Festival Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-007 Moscow City during Christmas Festival Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-009 Moscow City during Christmas Festival Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-011 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-012 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-013 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-014 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-015 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-016 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-017 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-018 Moscow-City-During-Christmas-Festival-019

Source: Instagram