Beautiful and Elegant Fashion Photography

Elegant Fashion Photography

This elegant fashion photography is is truly awesome. From dresses to jewelry and from makeup to place of taken photos.

This elegant fashion photography has been taken by Hormis Antony Tharakan and Sohiny Das is the stylist. I must acknowledge that dresses are truly beautiful, graceful, well-designed and colors are awesomely attractive.

These photos were taken for Ahujasons Winter 2019 Campaign and Nikhil Thampi X Indya Festive 2019 Campaign.

In some photographs, the way models wear scarf is super classy. Their matching with dresses is simple but sophisticated. The way model took scarf is looking classy, supple and nice.

Shawl’s shade, quality, design and pattern is stunning. I must say, surely fabulous. Personally, I love each dress and the way it stich is also super cool.

I believe, like other photography, fashion photography is one of the greatest source of inspiration. We get inspiration of getting such kind of colors, pattern and design. It let us know how dresses can be sewed in an awesome and stylish way.

Which type of jewelry we should wear with such outfits, which kind of makeup we should wear. In short, we get motivation of everything about fashion and styling. I am absolutely sure you would like elegant fashion photography which is being adored by me as well.

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