Conceptual Photography By Michelle Ellis

Conceptual Photography is a genre of photography in which the artist makes a photograph of a concept or idea. Sometimes this kind of photography involves the use of computer editing to achieve the desired result, but most of the photographers work without computer editing. Generally artists place things in a specific position or direction and capture the subjects

Michelle Ellis a female photographer from Canada of just 18 years old.  She loves piano, sketching and photography. You can check out her complete work at Deviantart.

As a practitioner of the school of “show what is in front of the camera” photography I have felt increasing left out of latest trends. Recent shows have displayed over-sized images, images printed on special papers, images made with esoteric processing techniques, images made with inferior equipment, or images illustrating the ennui of our present condition.

To spark my creativity and to enable me to participate in this world of trendy “fine art” photography I set myself the task of doing something that no photographer has ever done before. I think my breakthrough as described below is just such an earthshaking artistic event.