High speed photographer Jack Long takes screen rash watercolors that resemble with jellyfish stained glass. These liquid forms are part of some pictures which require two cameras to create a three dimensional effect. . Jack Long calls them giants. They are beautiful and needed for a really long time planning to make or build a large-scale explosion testing apparatus in submersible water. . “Fortunately my property boundaries River Milwaukee is very shallow in some areas. So, it will be updated by my computer in my boat and will find a good location for composition. Tried to shoot from the ship in the beginning, I found it unstable. So, I decided to actually get out of the boat to walk on my way around the boat. The camera and the source was firm that can create many variations. . All dyes are non-toxic and bio-insurance”, says forward..

Liquid Splashes Photography Liquid Splashes Photography JackLongRiverGian3 JackLongRiverGian4 JackLongRiverGian5 Liquid Splashes Photography JackLongRiverGian7 JackLongRiverGian8 JackLongRiverGian9


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