Digital artist and in addition photographer Michael Oswald from California, sometimes known because MichaelO, transforms photographs of ladies back into sexy sci-fi fantasies. Making use of his expertise in visual design and even general creative techniques, the particular artist takes pictures of models not to mention then reworks the particular pictures to be able to reflect a hot scene. His function combines the entire utilization of photograph manipulation by means of enhancing tools like Photoshop mixed alongside digital painting.

It’s all the time fascinating to find precisely what raw elements a creative mind could certainly conjure up from a particular already yielded art shape. MichaelO’s series of works featuring girl androids called AmalgaMATE, which is built by his master manipulation of photographs of actual females, is actually most notably alluring. Acquiring to find his final product as a scantily clad automaton, marionette, or some other sort of otherwise inanimate object throughout a sexualized form is actually both eerie then intriguing. Something about robots, most notably those crafted that would search and so accurately that would the particular human form, has usually piqued my interest whilst simultaneously managed to creep me out.

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