Anatomy of a Job Interview Infographic

Infographic Design:

It is clean and there aren’t any design mistakes, but that is about it. The graphics aren’t related, with some clip art used from multiple sources. The main figure is kinda creepy and I wouldn’t hire him. 😉 The top half and bottom half of the interview infographic don’t match and give two different feels. Would have liked to see the infographic designer make a choice and follow one design path.

Infographic Information:

This infographic provides solid and useful advice for the job applicant. While much of the information is common sense there are other bits that someone new to finding a job may not know such as: You should prepare 3 thought-provoking questions for the employer and never ask questions you can find by doing a Internet search. I really enjoyed the “not so common questions” section of the infographic. My favorite interview question in this area was, “How Would you Move Mount Fuji?” My answer would be one stone at at time.

via @ Highest Paying Jobs

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