Aurora photography is an art best done by incredible sense of visual, eagerness to beat the odds, the best selling pictures and the vision which guides someone to explore this vast span of this stunning universe. Aurora photographer must have all these to create its masterpiece. Quite surely many of them have seen and felt the impeccable beauty of the night and cherish the moments right from the sunrise to the moonlit, starlit nights, from them the mind-blowing photographs depicts and mixed with some unknown occult power in it.

In the last few decades almost everybody said about moon affects the tides and similarly also it was discovered that stars are born too, and they have a lifecycle; the grow old and die like the humans do. For this sometimes it becomes obvious for a photographer to take snaps of these breathtaking pictures with which he can connect his soul. The beauty of the moon and the stars, the rising sun and the sun set behind the hills or in the ocean; these incredible snaps exhales the photographic genius out of a person. Mesmerized in totality, while doing Aurora photography, all begin to feel that each picture shot ought to be different, there ought to be a touch of the magical gloss in whatever one is willing to bring to highlight through his work.

It is always been a wonderful feeling when you can connect your soul with the big ball of fire that gives us light and energy and also with the chilling moon by capturing these with your camera. Those pictures will bring you into the new dimension of Aurora photography. Your craziness, half eaten meals and a maddening rush to your studio will depict your fascination for Aurora photography. You will always remember the beautiful morning, glazing stars and mesmerizing beauty of the moonlit night as it will gradually rule your heart. And then you will feel like a winner and will justify the magical words for a photographer “picture perfect”.

Aurora Photography



An Astral Concerto


Arctic Highway


Aurora at Skagsanden Beach


Aurora Australis


Aurora Borealis


Aurora Explosion


Aurora Humana


Aurora Outer Space


Aurora: Comes the dawn

aurora photography

Aurora´s Heart


Beautiful Aurora


Chugach Aurora


Cosmic tree


Dancing Reflections


Earth, Air, Fire and Water


Electric Aurora


Green Power


Green Vision




Iceland Lights


Magic night


Misty Morning


Purple Haze


Side by side

aurora photography

Sky Ripples


Sunset Reflections


TeePee Dance

aurora photography

Thankful for Auroras


 The Force


The Sound of Thunder

aurora photography

V Ray



This is a guest post by Janice Noel. Janice is a photography enthusiast. She likes to collect wallpapers for her websites CulLogo and WallpapHD – great resource to download free HD wallpapers


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  1. Fattah Bahrani Reply

    بیا رفیق که ظلم زمانه می گذرد
    داراب ۲۳ خرداد ۸۴

    بیا رفـــیق که ظــــلم زمــــــانه می گذرد
    زمــــــانه با زدن تازیـــــــانه مـــــــی گذرد
    چو خواستی که ببـینی نشان ظلم سیاه
    علامتی است که بر روی شانه می گذرد
    به جاودانگــــی مردمـــــــان دانــــــشمند
    که روی دست زمین جاودانه مــــی گذرد
    به شاعران تو بگو یک شبی نیاســــــایند
    که شور و حال شب شاعرانه مــی گذرد
    ترانه ســاز شـــــود بلبل ســـــــخن پرداز

    بیـا به باغ که شـــــور ترانه می گـــــــذرد

    نماز سرخ شب قدر خوانـده این عاشــــق
    که پا به دشت بلا صادقـــــانه مــی گذرد
    نفیر شــعله ی آه اســـــت وقــــــت سحر
    چو آتشـی که به حال زبانه مـــــــی گذرد
    جـوانه ها هـــــمه جاری به جویبــــــار بهار
    بـــــیا که رقــــص بهارٍ جوانه مـــــــی گذرد
    زدنـد آتش کـــــین بر خرابه خــــــانه ی من
    هنوز دود از ایــن آشــــــیانه مــــــــی گذرد

    کــــــسی ندیده غـــــریبی به غـــربت فتاح

    چــــو برق می پرد از خاکــــدانه مــی گذرد

    از فتاح بحرانی
    بیا رفیق که ظلم زمانه میگذرد


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