Hideously Spooky Makeup Ideas To Celebrate Halloween

Spooky Makeup Ideas To Celebrate Halloween

There’s no better time in the year to release our playful childish spirit than Halloween. Wearing costumes and pretending to be somebody else for a while is really exciting. Many of us spend lots of time thinking of the costume we’ll wear and different ways to make it creepier and spookier. However, we too often forget about getting the right special fx makeup to improve our results.


You don’t need to be a professional special fx artist to achieve great results. This article is packed with great tips to help you achieve hideously spooky makeup ideas for the next Halloween season or your next costume party!

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Creepy Doll Makeup


Dolls are adorable, cute and lovable. That said, a simple costume of a doll can be easily transformed into a creepier one with the help of some dabs of makeup here and there. Dolls have a perfect plastic skin so make sure yours looks artificially perfect. Remove any dirt from your skin, hydrate it properly, even the tone of your face and apply some pink blush on the apple of your cheeks. Try to apply some whitish powder on your face so that it looks a bit paler and your cheeks stand out. Use black eye liner on the upper and lower lids and apply black mascara on your eyelashes. Be generous with it as you want your eyes to be the focus of attention. If you have grey, green or blue eyes the effect will be stronger. If you have brown or hazel eyes, you can wear colored contact lenses for a more artificial look.

creepy doll

Now that you look adorable, let’s add the creepier aspect. Using a liquid eyeliner and taking advantage of your great pulse (you have it, don’t you?) draw some thin and thick lines on your cheek, your forehead or on the side of your mouth as if a naughty girl has banged your head against the floor. If you draw the lines correctly and make them look real, the creepy look will be instantaneous!


Stitched Mouth

Delicate, subtle but definitely creepy, a stitched mouth will take some time to be ready but it’s really impressive if it is well done. You’ll need some brownish blush, glue for fake eyelashes, a mirror, good light, black embroidery thread, scissors.

stitched mouth

Clean your face and, if you want to, apply some lipstick to your lips. This is totally up to you as it will depend on the final look you want to achieve. Turn on the light and sit in front of the mirror so that you can have a good look at your mouth and lips. Use the liquid eyeliner to draw the same number of dots a bit above your upper lip and a bit below your lower lip. How many dots you draw is totally up to you. We suggest doing five. Make sure they are more or less even and that the ones above match more or less the ones below.


Grab the embroidery thread and measure the distance between the two dots you want to join. You can do a criss cross stitch or simply match the upper and lower dots. The criss-cross style is creepier by the way. Once you know how long the thread needs to be, cut it with the scissors. Apply a dab of glue for fake eyelashes to the two dots and let it dry as instructed. Then apply the thread. Repeat until you finish “stitching” your mouth. Try not to laugh or talk in the process so that you don’t have to start all over again.


Use the liquid eyeliner to color a bit the dots where the glue for fake eyelashes has been added. Then apply a dab of brownish blush with a very thin pencil around the dots so that it looks inflamed.


Turn Your Mouth Into A Detailed Eye Ball

Apply some white facial paint on your lips. Then, with liquid eyeliner draw the iris. A green iris can be easily achieved by applying green make up and mixing it with some lines of yellow for a more natural look. Draw and paint a black circle in the middle for the pupil. Apply some fake eyelashes to the upper and lower lips for a more dramatic and creepier look.


Be A Vampire!

Apply some white facial powder to your skin so that you look pale, then add some deep red lipstick to your lips so that the contrast is even better. Use a black liquid eyeliner to draw a line designing carefully your upper and lower lid and apply some mascara to your eyelashes. Invest in some fake vampire teeth. Use some purple eyeshadow to create some puffy, sicky eyes. Apply it with the brush delicately right under your lower lid so that you get a puffy look.


Subtle Bloody Nails

Sometimes the most subtle details are the ones that create a greater impact. What about adding some bloody nails to your overall spooky look? To achieve this look you’ll need some bright red nail enamel and some brown enamel. Use a sponge to apply some red enamel to the upper part of your nail. Make sure it doesn’t look too tidy… just as if you’ve just grabbed some recently ripped of flesh. Then use a match to apply the darker enamel on the whites of your nails and to draw some lines of red enamel on your lips just as if the blood was still dripping, Let your nails dry!