When You Should Not Decide Against Redesigning Your Website

How about changing the color of your room every day?  It may sound cool but this is certainly not a comforting thought for its inmates as they will have to get accustomed to the new look, which is tiring and boring the end. Same goes true with interface of a website. However, I am not asking you to stick to the grandpa style of design throughout your career. There is no denying of the importance of changing and experimenting with the look and feel of the design but that does not necessarily mean that you should go extreme and do weird stuff like changing the navigation completely or all that every day.

You can argue that every great website has undergone at least one major or minor facelift in their life cycle. Of they do and I am not against it. But there should be some solid reasons behind going for an extreme makeover. Here we are going to list some common causes that can make you go for a fresh new look for your website.



It Looks Outdated: An outdated design is probably the last thing that you would like to have in your kitty. It kills me to see sites that are still stuck in the nineties with ordinary design, cluttered interface, mere juxtaposition of images and text. So, if you website shares the same league, I would rather urge you go for an extreme makeover. It needs it badly. Moreover, users are increasingly using different devices like ipad, Smartphones of wildest varieties and that means, unless you have a website that looks stunning in devices imaginable, you are missing out on opportunities. So, better late than never. Call up a veteran designer and get your website go through a major change this very moment.

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Bounce rate is incredibly High: The design might look and feel Ok, but are you sure that Google analytics do not have a different story to tell. I mean, have you checked the bounce rate and average time spend by users on your website? If not, do it right now. If the bounce rate appears extremely high and if the average time spend on your time is unexpectedly low, you need to rethink your strategy. Try some AB testing with your new interface and try to figure out which version is the most successful in getting cozy with the visitors.

Traffic Taking a Dip: A great design plays a constructive role in making your website successful. Look at some great website like BBC, Cnet, Mashable and you will wonder how much they have spend to make their design look lip smacking and eye candy irrespective of the browsers and devices. A good and responsive design goes a great way to ensure steady flow of returning visitors. I am a regular visitor of Mashable and I could honestly say that it is the design that makes me do so. So, when you see certain signs of traffic taking a dip, you should give attention to change the look and feel of your website a serious thought.

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Uniqueness is Nowhere: If you can see a bunch of sites that look and feel almost the same like yours, I would say it is the high time you should contemplate on changing the interface. It does not look cool if your website finds it really hard to differentiate itself from the rest of the other sites. Apart from losing your uniqueness and charm, it can cost you losing the trust of the visitors.

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Brand Makeover:  If you are planning to give your brand presence a new lease of life, your website should complement the same feeling. Changing of a logo or introducing a new brand makeover should be accompanied by a new web interface. However, while changing the look and feel of the design, you need to make it a point that the new design bears some resemblance with the previous version otherwise, your regular visitors may find it hard to relate it to your brand.