Top 10 Most Used Apps for Microsoft Teams

Top 10 Most Used Apps for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a very useful app itself. It has many great features built-in, including video conferencing and messaging facilities. It is also able to integrate with other third-party teams apps to extend the core features into something quite special. Such apps are created by IT developers such as VirtoSoftware.

What are the Microsoft Teams features?

Personal chat and group chat messaging systems. 
Messages can be grouped together for easier access, and there is also the ability to mention a specific team member with an ‘@’ username.

  • Integrations with Office 365
  • File sharing
  • Screen sharing
  • Audio or video meetings
  • An extensive search facility
  • An activity feed that can be filtered by username
  • Features for collaboration

This is not an exhaustive list of Microsoft Teams’ features at all. Many more features are available, and the ability to integrate with third-party apps and tools makes for an even richer user experience.

Teams’ apps that are used frequently with Microsoft Teams

1. Zoom

Zoom is, in its own right, a full, functional video remote meeting software with many features. However, by integrating Zoom into Microsoft Teams, users can add the ability to record meetings and enable more people to join your meetings even if they do not usually work with Teams.

2. Freehand

Freehand is one of the teams’ apps that helps with presentations. It includes a very useful feature that gives all meeting members a shared whiteboard to annotate and sketch ideas upon. It also features collective drawing tools and is invaluable in brainstorming and visual planning.

3. Freshdesk

Customer service support applications, such as Freshdesk, can also be integrated into Teams easily. Freshdesk has many stand-alone features out of the box, and integrating this in Teams only enhances your systems. The integration offers notifications within the native Teams app, so you will always know when a customer requires assistance. Also, you can quickly reply to messages from your customers via Teams using Freshdesk integration and keep track of all your customers’ needs.

4. Translator

Translator is a very useful integration with Teams. This app allows you to instantly translate any message text in any language. Translator can be used both stand-alone and within the Office 365 environment. Such an app enables you to add people to projects who communicate more effectively in another language. This broadens the scope of who you can include in your teams and have the ability to communicate with them directly.

5. Mindmeister

Mindmeister is essentially a brainstorming and mind-mapping visual tool. It allows for a visual representation of the sharing of ideas. Having this as part of your Teams’ set-up can be very useful, and it expands the way your team can work.

6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

As you would expect, Teams integrates perfectly with other Microsoft software. Microsoft Dynamics 365 showcases this by allowing a tab to be created within Teams, so team members can work together in a collaborative capacity on customer records and important tasks within your business.

7. Polly

Polly is a survey teams’ app. Gaining feedback at various stages of business tasks and projects is essential. With Polly and Teams, you can quickly and easily create polls, create surveys with multiple answers to your questions and send them to your teams using Microsoft Teams. It is a simple area, and it proves to be not only useful but also very popular.

8. Kahoot!

If you like questions and polls, you will love Kahoot! Games, trivia, and quizzes combine within Kahoot! to create a fun, informative educational environment. Who said education has to be boring? You can set challenges and even live games within Kahoot! and the Teams’ integration makes for improved engagement across the whole of Teams. 

9. Microsoft Stream and YouTube

Both Microsoft Stream, and the widely popular alternative YouTube, allow pre-recorded videos to be shared within meetings and the Microsoft Teams environment. This can be essential when delivering staff training provisions to explain more clearly the processes being learned. Integrating both of these apps into Teams can provide easy access to a wealth of reference material that can be easily shared.

10. Health Hero

Last, but by no means least, we have a way to manage your staff’s health remotely. As we are currently living and managing our businesses within a pandemic, many interactions between staff members are remote and virtual. Health Hero allows the health of members of your Teams environment to be tracked and worked upon. It allows the connection of any personal fitness tracker devices that your staff may own and use. Health Hero also allows you to consider the impact of reduced physical activity within the working day that often occurs. It allows you to be mindful of staff health.

Why Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is immensely popular among businesses due to its array of features. These are increased exponentially by the integration of third-party teams’ apps. The list above shows how versatile Teams can be with such apps, and there are many more that have not made it onto this list. This Top-10 will help you enhance your use of Teams and the way you work.