From Startup to Scale Up – Tools and Insights by Overgear Founders

Tools and Insights by Overgear Founders

Overgear founders shared a story about how they launched a $1.5M/Month marketplace for gamers, their experience, and gave some pieces of advice.

Tony Doronin

Tony Doronin recap the story of Overgear and share platforms and tools that are useful for the business.

Like any modern IT company, we have a long list of SaaS we use. And most of them are the industry standard. But if I were to pick one, I’d definitely highlight Mixpanel. It may look like a product analytics service at first. But don’t let them fool you! The thing is much more than that.

First of all, we’ve saved an insane amount of time by not creating some of the Admin UI interfaces in the first place.

Why would you do that when you have almost all of the data updated there in real-time? You just save a report in Mixpanel. Create a dashboard even, if needed.

Second, their Messages tool is absolutely fantastic. Humble name notwithstanding, it allows you to watch for events or patterns in user events and take action. You can grab your user’s attention with a pop-up (fully customizable), send an e-mail, or even perform an API request to your backend. We were able to even set up fraud protection with that! It’s insanely flexible and limited by your imagination alone.

I would like to also shout out to my boys at Integromat (I don’t actually know anyone from the company, but if you guys read this, drop me a line!). Their service has saved us months of development time. We are able now to build entire features on Integromat that would otherwise take several sprints to complete. And we always build with Integromat, if possible. You get, basically, a superpower to MVP some of your features with 0 development time.

Just a few examples of the features we were able to implement:

  • A Telegram bot that helps our managers with custom orders.
  • A billing mechanism that automatically creates invoices for our customers and tracks successful payments.
  • A notifications bundle that informs our staff of important events that require their attention.

It’s a funny fact that now there are tools for any aim and request, but they are usually so inconvenient that to automate something, you need to spend the same amount of time learning the software. The approach to the task is often more important than the tool.

Alex Karetin:

The first piece of advice is to find good partners, it will allow you to diversify your risks slightly. Although the risk is the second meaning of business. A good partner is someone with whom you are on the same wavelength, and with whom you complement each other’s weaknesses.

The second tip — if your product is useful and people need it, the idea should be described in a couple of sentences. If you cannot briefly and clearly explain what kind of business it is and who needs it, then there are problems. It is better not to launch at this stage, it’s better to go to potential users and talk with them.

Any business is not a beautiful idea, it starts with the needs of the audience. There are exceptions when you create know-how and create new markets. But in 99% of cases, when you need to think about the question of who needs your project, it means that your business will work extremely badly if it will at all.

Short to-do list:

  • Finding a partner and pain that you will solve on the market
  • Provide your concept with a good unit economy