Make Sure That Your Logo Matches the Theme of Your Website

One thing that every business needs is a clearly identifiable brand. This will help you to stand out from the crowd, and give you an instantly recognizable image, whether your customers are visiting your website or doing business with you in some other way. While the concept of a brand extends further than just your company logo, creating a good logo will go a long way in helping your business to be remembered. We instantly recognize global brands such as McDonald’s from their golden arches logo, the multicolored letters of Google, or the simple apple shape that denotes Apple, but would these logos be so successful if they didn’t clearly identify the company’s brand personality?

Make sure that your logo matches the theme of your website

It’s important to ensure that your logo design matches your brands personality, otherwise your customers will be confused, especially if you’re sending out conflicting messages. To create a brand that matches the theme or your company, you will need to analyse your brand and determine how it fits in relation to other companies of a similar nature. If your competitors all have a young, fun image, should your company join in the party too, or would you prefer to set yourself apart from the competition with a totally different brand image?

Are you an old-fashioned traditional company selling made-to-measure bespoke suits, but your company website is sporting a modern futuristic logo, similar in design to the Nike Swoosh? You can see how this would arouse confusion, whereas perhaps a logo which consisted purely of the company name in a traditional font would spell out that the company was long established, professional and to be taken seriously. Consistency is the key, and your logo is a key element in creating a brand that is instantly recognizable and understood.

For companies that rely completely on the internet for their presence, i.e. online companies, it’s also important to ensure that your logo fits in with the theme of your website. If your website is a sophisticated palette of neutral colors with traditional fonts and discreet images, a fun and wacky logo will be totally out of place, while such a logompay fit perfectly with a website that sets out to entertain and amuse its visitors. One good example of this is Cheers Bingo; not only does the logo fit perfectly within the theme of the website, but it’s created in a way which tells you exactly what the site is all about. You know you’re going to have fun when you visit the site and that you’re going to encounter a party atmosphere. The brand personality of this company has been well thought out and leaves you in no doubt about the company’s outlook, message and business. It embodies the brand personality and brings the brand to life.

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On the flip side, this kind of logo would be totally out of place on one of the bespoke tailoring sites mentioned previously, as it would give out a totally confusing message. The logo they have chosen to represent their brand has a much better fit with the sophisticated, upmarket image they want to promote.


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Therefore, before you create your logo you need to define your brand and how you wish to come across to your customers. Only then can you begin to design a logo that will be consistent with your image and which will work across a range of mediums and marketing campaigns to communicate your brand personality. Logo designs which don’t fit in with the personality of your business and your website need to be discarded. You need something that’s going to embody your business and bring your business to life, so don’t settle for anything less.