Designhill Review – How to Explore the Crowdsourcing Platform to Your Advantage

Small business owners look for different ways to cut costs. A marketing expenditure that they have to make is on creating a range of graphic design items such as logos, business cards, leaflets, brochures and dozen others. Graphic designing of mobile apps, websites etc involving greater skills becomes even more expensive for small companies. Hiring an in-house graphic design staff proves to be expensive due to monthly salary payments. Therefore, small enterprises usually settle for crowdsourcing their design works to sites such as Designhill to save on design costs.

Designhill is particularly proving to be highly useful to small business owners and startups in varied ways. The leading crowdsourcing platform provides the most cost-effective design solutions to business owners. For instance, you can start your logo design contest at only $99. You also get 100% Money Back Guarantee that secures your money. With other sites like 99 Designs and DesignCrowd your logo design contest starts much higher at $299 and $240 and becomes even unaffordable when climbing to higher packages. Designhill’s higher packages are cost-effective, given host of key features that come along with them.


Besides being the most cost-effective design solution platform, what makes Designhill even more attractive for small business owners and startups is that it offers host of key features. These features include access to dozens of professional graphic designers and design entries, inviting talented designers of your choice to your logo design contest, allowing social media promotion of your contest, timely delivery of work, online feedback and support and so on.

However, success of your logo contest or any other design contest on Designhill depends on many factors. You should try to explore full potential of the platform to your advantage.

Here is what you need to do

  1. Write Compelling Design Briefimage_1When launching your launching a logo design contest, ensure that you post a precise but informative design brief. Give details that help in customizing your logo for your business needs. For example, write precisely about your company’s background, its business aspirations and goals, your target customers and market, competitors and products or services you deliver. Let designers know also about your preferences if any for colors, shape, font etc elements that need to be incorporated in your company logo. However, avoid choking the creative freedom of your designers by restricting them with too many dos and don’ts.
  2. Compare Different Packagesimage_2Designhill offers four packages – Fast Track, Normal, Executive and Premium. Fast Track is the most cost-effective as you can start logo design contest at only $99 with host of features such as 10 design entries and money back guarantee. However, loads of crucial features in higher packages are available to enable you in getting the most out of your logo contest.  Each such package aims at making your contest even more enticing and attractive to talented designers, which is a key to getting high quality designs.
  3. Invite Designers – A better way to ascertain higher quality of your logo design at Designhill is to invite talented designers of your choice to the contest. Designhill lets you pick up designer of your preference under its one-to-one projects that has host of benefits for design seekers. You will allow only trusted and expert designers to handle your logo work. This also ascertains direct collaboration with designers who are experts on your type of business logos. You can keep a close watch on entire design progress, review designs and send them feedback directly using the platform.  Also, you can even directly negotiate terms of payments with the designers.
  4. Guide and Encourage Designers – Another significant way to take maximum advantage of Designhill for crowdsourcing your logo work is to explore talent of designers. Designers file many design entries in response to your contest. During the contest period, evaluate the designs closely when designers ask for your feedback. Guide them to show where they are going wrong or encourage those doing good job. A good trick is to pay attention to designers whose creative logo design entries you find promising.
  5. Conduct a Poll – Designhill also provides contest holders with a special feature of conducting polls on social media regarding the design entries. Sometimes, clients find selecting perfect logo out of dozens of great design entries a difficult task. To help in picking a winning design, Designhill allows clients to hold a poll on social media using its platform. You can ask followers on Facebook to give their opinion about logo designs to find which one gets more recommendations. This enables you know which of the business logo designs people will like more.

To conclude, Designhill is surely the most cost-effective graphic design solution for business owners but put some extra efforts to explore its varied features so that your design contest attracts more talented designers from different backgrounds.



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