Best Designed Games for 2017

Best Designed Games for 2017

There are lots of different candidates for the best designed games for 2017. When it comes to online casino slot games, people have a lot of choices in this year alone. The designers keep on creating more and more games like this. Certain games become established favorites and certain games tend to fade into the background, since they have a lot of competition. Many games from 2017 will surely become established favorites.

Beautiful Bones

Beautiful Bones is easily one of the best games for the year 2017. A lot of people absolutely love the graphics, for one thing. This is a game that has a very unique look, and people appreciate the strange mix of beauty and creepiness inherent in the imagery. This is also a game that manages to excel when it comes to the actual features and game play mechanics, so people can really get a lot out of playing Beautiful Bones again and again.

Forbidden Throne is another game that could easily make anyone’s list of the best online casino slot games of 2017.

Forbidden Throne

The dramatic fantasy imagery should manage to catch almost anyone’s eye. There are plenty of people who like games that have a much more lighthearted feel to them. However, other people like games that are significantly more serious in terms of their imagery, especially since this is less common in the context of online casino slot games. Forbidden Throne will tend to feel like a lot of the other games that people will play in other contexts, many of which tend to have a lot of detailed fantasy characters and fantasy worlds. Forbidden Throne excels in terms of its game play mechanics and other factors, and people will be quickly drawn in by the beautiful graphics.

Of course, there are plenty of people who will prefer the games that are just there for particularly light entertainment, and Candy Dreams certainly qualifies.

Interview with multidisciplinary art director Ilya Sizov
Candy Dreams

The fact that this is a game that offers seven hundred and twenty different ways to win is always positive for players. This is a game that is really rewarding to play and that really makes winning worthwhile. However, many players will also really appreciate the somewhat playful and adorable imagery that they can expect with Candy Dreams. It seems to complement the darker imagery that people will get with Beautiful Bones and Forbidden Throne, demonstrating the fact that not all online casino slot games look the same.

The fact that designers and developers create a lot of new games all the time certainly helps. These designers seem to be competing against themselves in order to come up with as many new games and ideas as possible. Most of their games are good. Some of them manage to rise above that standard, becoming classics in this genre. As the genre gets larger, the games that stand out will look even more impressive.

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