WordPress has a numerous number of plugins and widgets to help you make your blog much better and efficient. Thus according to me WordPress is the best Content Management System available globally. WordPress plugins are the most popular plugins and extensions acclaimed globally by various webdesigners. There are some plugins, which will help you to improve the performance of your WordPress page like increasing the speed and improving the look of your page.  I have included more than 10 plugins here in this post; these are the most frequently used plugins, and a must-have for marketing, utility and web development:




This plugin is indispensable for those bloggers who want a professional touch to their blog. Whenever any new account is created in WordPress, this plugin is installed automatically. So if you are becoming an insomniac due to frivolous spam comments, then just activate Akismet spam blocker, and subsequently, you can review all the comments that are being posted in your blog. Akismet automatically blocks any comment, which looks like a spam and stores it for review to either delete it or let it publish.



 This is also called a complete SEO plugin with proper page analysis and includes a snippet preview. Its effective and more helpful than other plugins because you get access to deeper options like keyword setup, titles, descriptions and a lot more. Personally I think it is far better than the All in One SEO. Yoast will help you to increase the popularity in search engine giants like Google and Yahoo increasing your site’s visibility.



Imagine you are in between of something very important writing codes and ca boom! Something wrong happened, and all your hard work goes into ramshackle. If you don’t want this to happen, then you must install database backup and always configure it to take the backup every week. It allows you to optimize, repair and backup database.



It’s important for you to popularize your website and for that you can be benefited by using XML site maps, which are used by most of the website developers. You make a unique XML site map for your website, which will be used by Google to ease the accessibility of your page. Better indexing is done by Google if you have an XML site map. The complete structure of your blog is created, and it supports all kinds of WordPress pages. They have recently added Beta version, which includes features like network activation and reduced memory use.



You just need to install this plugin and relax because its an amazing plugin which will give the overlay light box effect. Anyone can browse back and forth while viewing the images and has a light box gallery display.



In the world of marketing it’s indispensable to have effective communication and that’s why you must have Contact Form 7. The function of this plugin is to help you communicate with your subscribers. Its simple yet flexible and let you design your forms and mails accordingly. It supports features like CAPTCHA, AKISMET spam blocker and AJAX submission.




This plugin is highly recommended by Matt Cutts who is one of the leading SEO experts in Google. It’s simple to use and if you want to back link your post to any of your previous related posts. This plugin will help your readers to find out any posts relavant to the current post they are viewing. This will also increase the page views of your blog.  It’s a time saver and easy to use, and a must-have for SEO purpose. Features include RSS feed related posts search and usage of a versatile algorithm.



It’s an elegant plugin which will transform your WordPress plugin absolutely into a new theme when viewed from any of the smart phones like blackberry, iPhone, android phones and same will happen when you view it from your tablet PC or iPad. It includes features like AZAX loading and adds effects to your website. You can switch to the regular theme as well. Most of the of the WordPress  users are addicted to this fresh plugin, which keeps adding modern features and has very recently introduced WordPress Touch pro plugin which will let you have a smart appearance of your web page.




This plugin is used for speeding up your WordPress performance. It is meant to optimize and improve overall working of your WordPress page and increase the download speed many times higher than the usual speed. If you have configured it properly, then it increases the speed of your web page by 10 times, users will experience instant  page views. This plugin saves bandwidth up to 80% by caching. This plugin is having mobile support as well. You should check this utility plugin, which will enhance your WP performance to heights.



Photo dropper allows you to choose free photos from the WordPress without even leaving the page. It’s free and absolutely stunning plugin for your blog. It can be time-consuming and downright frustrating to get the perfect blog picture but with this plugin, you can get many pictures and choose your favorite picture within two clicks only. I have seen over the internet, people getting irritated over this photo search trauma but photo dropper is the ultimate solution to this problem. You get photos via Creative Commons license and browse over millions of pictures. This is a must have plugin for web design blogs.



This plugin is similar to Mashable and works on the close concept. It’s an all sharing plugin where you display all sharing options to your blog. This is created by Buffer and has support in excerpt type mode. You can customize all sharing options to your blog from Facebook, twitter, buffer to many more. It’s a useful plug because it increases the performance of the WordPress page giving a unique platform to share the post from a single source. It supports Email and print options as well like I said exclusive sharing platform for anything you want to share.




As the name signifies people who leave comments on your blog are more likely to be your followers and generally expect a response this plug in helps you to have a two-way conversation with people who leave comments on your WordPress page. This plugin helps WordPress user to reply to the comments posted on their blogs via email directly.



This widget lets you browse through the top commentators on your WordPress website, and it’s very easy to use and works better with the control form without PHP file. Many additional options are available to customize this widget properly.

Install these plugins today to enhance the look and functioning of the WordPress web page. These plugins are having the best reviews by the users and are efficient and easy to use. If you think I have missed any plugin please let us know through comments. Thanks for stopping by.