Creating Your Own HTML5 Website with IMC

We think that creating website is an easy task, but in fact it isn’t especially if you do not have any designing and programming knowledge. So if you want to create a professional website, you need to get help of some website creator tools. IM creator is one of the best website maker which provides free hosting with an attractive HTML5 templates and different features. You can build a beautiful and professional looking website in a shorter time and without any help. IM creator is free to use and can host your site free as well. IM creator account gives you a free i-m. Co subdomain and 50Mb of hosting. Premium accounts start at just $5.95/month and give you unlimited disk space. There are also Pro accounts for professional web designers and resellers that have all of the Premium features but work with multiple domains.

The steps are simple and easy to know, just choose a template customize it (All customization is easy to use, If you face any issue, contact the IM creator support team and & they will definitely help you.)

80+ Beautiful Collection of Templates :

I M Creator have an 80+ beautiful collection of templates for different professions such as artists, actors, models, business professionals, restaurants, including Mobile templates. Here are some.

HTML5 Website with IMC

HTML5 Website with IMC HTML5 Website with IMC

HTML5 Website with IMC

HTML5 Website with IMC

Drag & Drop HTML Editor :

For Hassle-free customization of templates drag & drop HTML editor, use pre-made galleries. IM creator also Built-in SEO which Monitor your visitors using Google Analytics. Easy inclusion with Google Apps. Free personalized email accounts by using Google Apps.

IMC Editor

User friendly Editing panel, For making some beautiful changing we Add a background image or color and using different patterns, Embedding a video of YouTube, make a custom gallery, Slide show make your web layout awesome, Browse an image file from your computer for image gallery and slide show. Add a custom contact form, Add a menu and submenus. You may also add a social widget like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Sound Cloud, Tumblr, and some more features.

IMC Editor IMC EditorIM Creator Editor IM Creator Editor

If you want to make money, IM creator will support you surely & it will pay you money each time.

We explained some benefits that will be enough.
IM creator is a platform which provides better and better service. I hope that many of you will take advantage of this platform, surely.


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