Illustration & Pen Drawings by Alex Konahin

Creative Illustration & Pen Drawings by Alex Konahin

The illustration is a visualization being concerned more on form than about it. It can be a drawing, sketch, image, or painting. In today’s modern world of illustrations are created by using various computer software applications. They can either become two dimensional or three dimensional illustrations. Digital illustration art finds its software in several areas where info through peace is delivered. With the advent of sophisticated digital technology, the need for digital illustrators has highly increased. If you are newRead more

Minimalist Logo Design for Your Inspiration

Minimalist Logo Design for Your Inspiration

Many people considers a minimalist design as it looks clean, smooth. Minimal logos design is a great way to make logos more unique, well-designed, outstanding & easy to read. Downgraf has made useful posts of design Inspiration for readers. That’s why today we are going to make a new collection of inspiring logos for you. These logos are not just minimalist but beautiful as well. Check these out and let us know by giving your precious comments. Bar Code EzypakRead more

Stunning Street Art by DALeast

Stunning Street Art by DALeast

3D Street Art started around since the 16th century. It’s originally created by Italian Renaissance Madonarro’s & Trompe l’eil painters who were from France. Its mystic taken by Wiley Admen in twenty first century & this art is still carrying on to be more standard. Currently 3D street art has come to be pretty popular, specifically when it is used in place of advertising by well-known brands around the world. 3D street art creates 3D effect viewed from certain distanceRead more

The Freelance Formula

Deal of The Week: The Freelance Formula – Video Course

Being a freelancer certainly has its advantages. You get to be your own boss, make your own hours and do something you love. Unfortunately, there’s also some downsides to it. You can spend long hours hunting down clients for not-so-great pay. What you’d love to have is a great work/life balance, with a solid income stream. With the proper education, you can actually achieve that. Thanks to Andy Cunning’s Freelance Formula, you can learn how to turn your freelance design hobbyRead more

modern architecture and interior design of 2013

The Best Modern Architecture And Interior Design Of 2013

With every New Year comes new architectural trends, and 2013 was no exception. But good architecture isn’t about following trends – it’s about innovation. These featured modern designs have managed to break the mould and stand out in one of the world’s most competitive industries. Google Office of Zurich Google are always at the forefront of innovation within the technology sector, and their new Zurich office – which was developed by Camenzind Evolution – demonstrates how far the company isRead more

Chalk Lettering Typography

Beautiful Chalk Lettering Typography

Typography is a form of art. It creates eye-catching languages. Through the years, the writing designs and fonts possess transformed but nothing beats this happened in the past. Now typography has digitalized. New complete styles and fonts could be made on computers utilizing with a wide variety of software packages. It helps them to analyze stuff more keenly, permit them to focus on tasks in a good way and make their work compatible to the current technological standards. Today weRead more


What Traits To Look For When Hiring For Customer Support

I assume you already know the importance of having a good customer service staff so I won’t be talking about that here. In this article I will focus on what qualities you should look for in a candidate whom you want to hire in your customer service team. Particularly I will be talking about soft skills. Soft skills means the skills that a person either intrinsically has or he doesn’t. Hard skills, on the other hand, means the skills thatRead more

Alternative Movie Posters

Stunning Alternative Movie Posters by Doaly

Stunning Alternative movie posters will be shared today, these stunning movie posters are created by Doaly. I hope our user will like these designs. When a new movies comes out, usually we are most excited about the poster rather than the film. Alongside the official designs, graphic designers are there to create alternative posters which give it new meaning and scope according to film’s logic. In this post I’ve collect some Stunning Alternative movie posters created by doaly. Check outRead more

Useful Design Cheat Sheets

7 Most Useful Design Cheat Sheets

Even the best graphic designer needs an assist sometimes. While not technically breaking the rules, relying on design cheat sheets can save time on a project, especially when you’re under a tight deadline and don’t have time to look up reference materials. Design cheat sheets help you stay focused on the part of the project that really matters: the client’s creative. Here are examples of seven especially helpful design cheat sheets, which will help you finish your job in lessRead more