Wonderful Digital Art of Russian Artist that Will Inspire You

Here again for showing wonderful digital art of Maxim Shkrt who is an artist and designer from Russia.

This wonderful digital art called happening, elephant, bull, gorilla and bear as artist entitled his work.

Always ambitious, willing and full of inspiration to explore photographers, designers and artists who are doing super best in their fields. We don’t just see the sights but also share their art piece and work with you to acknowledge their effort.

Their hobby, aim, profession or passion all turn into piece of art and yes that show spirit, dedication, keen observation toward goal and achievement.

We are showing work of Russian Artist Maxim Shkrt who is brilliant designer. We’ve shared animal’s series Predators and Wolf and hoof, that was created by using V-Ray, 3DS Max, ZBrush and Adobe CS5.

Wonderful Digital Art wonderful-digital-art wonderful-digital-art

wonderful-digital-art Wonderful Digital Art wonderful-digital-art Wonderful Digital Art Wonderful Digital Art wonderful-digital-art wonderful-digital-art wonderful-digital-art



Love to walk around the web world to bring out the Inspirational, Unique and Fresh work of diverse Artists and Designers.

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