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Beautiful Hand Lettering by Jonathan Faust

Beautiful Hand Lettering by Jonathan Faust

We’ll display beautiful hand lettering by Jonathan Faust who is a graphic designer and former sign painter based in Copenhagen. Don’t you think it’s an awesome idea to write some words, letters and quotes that are roaming in your mind? Well, there are many people who used to do so. Whatever they think either word or letter, they put that on paper stylishly and sometime complicatedly to make it different. Such thing called hand lettering but this isn’t the definitionRead more

Mini Lettering Series by Dangerdust

MicroQuotes – Mini Lettering Series by Dangerdust

MicroQuotes is a Mini lettering series by Dangerdust. Series of quote illustrations that are drawn by hand at a small scale and created in various media. Dangerdust is a graphic design and lettering duo who enjoy working with their hands and continually pushing their creative limits. They prefer to let their work speak for themselves and remain anonymous. Since then they have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of private and commercial clients including Nike, Target, Bed Bath &Read more

Cool Lettering Designs

Lettering Designs by Zane Kaiser

Here are some cool lettering designs by Zane Kaiser who is Fayetteville, Arkansas based designer and illustrator. We always prefer to bring out fresh and exceptional piece of work. This time we collected cool lettering designs by Zane Kaiser. He is talented artist and illustrator. He has different style of work and always do work with dedication, passion and concern. He himself says, “With a current focus on lettering and type illustration, my work is an exploration of a rangeRead more

Simple Hand Lettering Logos

26 Simple Hand Lettering Logos

Just like calligraphy and lettering, Hand lettering logos also considered very important. In fact it’s simplest form of logo. Hand lettering trend has become very popular as it represents any organization, company or website. Lettering is the art of drawing letters. We always like to share work and art of different artist all over the world. In our inspiration category, we’ve shared hand lettering work of different artists. Our purpose is to appreciate them by showing and acknowledging their workRead more

Watercolor Lettering Quotes

Watercolor Lettering Quotes by June Digan

Here’s selection of watercolor lettering quotes by June Digan. All quotes are not funny but inspirational as well that show creativity and skill of artist. Art is beyond restrictions and beyond boundaries. The one who has creative mind, artistic skill and deep observation can be a great designer, painter or doodle artist. Our Inspiration section is full of such stuff that show creative mind of any artist. Today I am going to present watercolor lettering quotes by June Digan. ThisRead more

Outstanding Vitaly Mural and Video

Outstanding Vitaly Mural and Video

We are going to share Outstanding Vitaly Mural made by Ben Johnston. This post is contains awesome mural that has been made inside a store in Toronto. We’ve been used to share outstanding and inspirational work with you. We are determined and our aim is obvious to inspire our users and let them know about latest and exceptional art and design work. We gathered outstanding Vitaly murals and video that has been made by Ben Johnston. He is an intelligentRead more

Wonderful Hand Lettering Projects

Wonderful Hand Lettering Projects

We’ll display wonderful hand lettering projects of duo artists Mister Doodle and Ligature Collective. These projects are really inspiring, remarkable, awesome and exciting. Typography, hand lettering and calligraphy mania has become very common and widely held. There is list of many artists who are fond of hand lettering & typography and they create new piece of their work to inspire others. They want to fulfil their desires and hobby as well. Only few of them take it on for professionRead more

Rad Lettering Illustrations

Rad Lettering Illustrations by Betrayer Family

Rad lettering illustrations basically is a contemporary type lettering & illustration project of Betrayer Family that was found in 2013. Just like art, lettering field has gone too far as well. There are tons of artists who are familiar with hand lettering, typography and illustration. Most of them chose this field for passion while other went for it for hobby or profession. Every day they remain busy to bring out creative piece of lettering. Rad lettering is form of letteringRead more

Creative Type Designs

Creative Type Designs by Gemma O’Brien

Below creative type designs by Gemma O’Brien will be displayed which contain variety of forms that’s really appealing. In category of Typography, Typography designs of various artists can be seen which have been shared by us for your inspiration. This section covers variety of typography work which is collected from all over the web. Artists did their best to bring out exceptional piece of work and they are full of activity to do so. This time creative type designs byRead more