Sophisticated Hand Lettering by Melvin Leidelmeijer

We’ve been used to share hand lettered work of different artist. Today, we’ll share sophisticated hand lettering by Melvin Leidelmeijer. He is a graphic designer who revealed the art of hand lettering. Techniques and styles have been revealed by him. As a mentors he disclosed many tricks to become more and more professional hand letterer.

He is from Tilburg, Netherlands. Such an intelligent artist who used to make letter with efficient way. He learned hand lettering art using different methods and styles. He even gave a short appropriate description to all his type. In some types, he mentioned the purpose of making the letter. Some type will revealed tools he used for lettering. He never think to hide even single thing from people. He is really a good mentor who want to learn people with his experience and experiment. Just love his passion of teaching.

He made a jumble with cola pen in letter Faith and says, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”. He made Sick type with a white pencil and a little brush pen. By making Bright type, he grasped an empty brush pen. Thinned watercolor with water and started writing on black paper. He says, “It worked out quite well. A brush pen doesn’t absorb much paint though, but a paint-dip after each letter helped”. In Stay brilliant he tried to turn things all over the place with white script and black shading. Keep the faith, ah that’s what everyone should do when something bad happens. “It’s always fun to explore new styles. Especially when you’re travelling by train and there is nothing else to do”. Says Melvin.

I won’t go for more detail as below you’ll see sophisticated hand lettering by him. You will definitely love the work he did and techniques he took on.

Melvin Leidelmeijer


Sophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_Leidelmeijerhand letteringSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_Leidelmeijersophisticated hand letteringSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_Leidelmeijerhand letteringSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_LeidelmeijerSophisticated_Hand_Lettering_by_Melvin_Leidelmeijer


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  1. Melvin Leidelmeijer

    Wow, I’m blown away by the fact that you took time to write these kind words about me and my hand lettering work. I don’t think there’s a greater compliment than to be an inspiration to people and to be seen as a mentor. Thanks so much for sharing this! I wish you all the best. Melvin

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