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Showcase of Negative Space in Logo Design

Showcase of Negative Space in Logo Design

The use of negative space in logo design process is quite common these days. The logo design that are designed by using negative space technique not only look visually appealing but also convey the message in a very creative manner. From the audience point of view, negative space logo designs are also very appealing as the hidden messages within them make them look quite interesting.

If you happen to observe at logos, you will find that some of them make use of their background to form an image or text. Such type of logos are called negative space logos. Negative space logos are very popular not only in advertising but also anywhere else.

In this collection, you can find Showcase of Negative Space in Logo Design that are not only creative but visually alluring as well. The creativity used in designing these logos is simply above the par. Let’s have a closer look. Enjoy and stay creative!

Negative Space in Logo Design


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  • zaipamn

    The best is Rockit… The design is very appropriate showing entertainment.

  • Sarah Adams


    I have always been interested in logo design. I love logos with hidden messages in them, as I feel that they are much more effective logos, connecting with the business more. These logos are so simple yet are really effective. I really like ‘Red Bird’, ‘Rockit Night Club’ and ‘Water Drop’,
    Thank you for this post, there are some really inspirational logo designs here.

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  • Stacy Summers

    Thank you a lot for these collection! Cool examples ) I think than negative logo designs are created for smart people

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