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Blue Is Dominating The Web – Infographic

Blue Is Dominating The Web – Infographic

From my personal point of view, the popularity of the color blue and its undertones hides deeply in the subliminal perception of the computer devices and information technology. First of all, what is the color of the monitor light reflection? Exactly, blue. What’s the color of the window top and fringe by default on your Windows OS, which is the most common throughout the world? It’s blue. Moreover, what’s the default Windows theme main color in general? Sure, it’s still blue, so habitual for an average PC user. It looks blue is a symbol of IT. Let’s honestly admit: if Internet had a visible soul, its color would be blue.

I agree that my assumption is most likely just another unscientific hypothesis and is brought by my natural eagerness to understand the world around and find reasons for everything. But I believe no one would deny that blue is mostly associated with IT and therefore with the web in particular. Think about the two most popular web sites Facebook and Twitter in terms of brand colors and you would get what I’m talking about. Surprised? No? Well, if you are not satisfied with those two examples of extremely popular web sites, you can see more blue websites here. Or, simply scroll down and you’ll see an infographic about the use of blue in web design. You’ll also find hexadecimal color codes for every shade of blue there.

And if you know about other inspirational or how-to articles that could help build better blue sites, please do not hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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