We always try to bring out something useful, fresh and exceptional for you. This time we gathered Contours Logo Design of Trends 2015 which will be presented below.

Designers are used to find a hybrid between simple one-color iconic symbols and a more complex vivid illustrative mark have landed on a solution that is chockfull with gradation and contours, highlights and shadow. However limited detail to keep the marks just on this side of simplistic. “Generally, the mark’s iconic outline serves up enough information to complete the messaging when presented at a smaller scale. A closer evaluation or larger presentation reveals subtle volume delineation that creates a tactile temptation for the consumer.”

These are contour trend logo designs that’s not just colorful but fine and fresh as well. I am sure this will be the inspirational post for you and designers.


Contours-Logo-Design – Trends 2015-001

Guild Orthodox masters

Awesome Contours Logo Design


Logo Design Trends 2015


Contours-Logo-Design – Trends 2015-004

Motion trade

Logo Design Trends 2015


Logo Design Trends 2015


Awesome Contours Logo Design


Contours-Logo-Design – Trends 2015-008


Contours-Logo-Design – Trends 2015-009


Contours-Logo-Design – Trends 2015-010

Global Biomimicry

Contours-Logo-Design – Trends 2015-011


Logo Design Trends 2015


Awesome Contours Logo Design