Ancient Greek Mosaic Uncovered in Turkish City of Zeugma

We have been used to share the stuff that can inspire you in a way can be inspired. But today we’ll share something more inspiring and remarkable. These are ancient Greek mosaic uncovered in Turkish city of Zeugma. These are amazing 2000 year old mosaics.


Ancient Greek Mosaic uncovered in Turkish city of Zeugma. These are 2000 years old mosaics. Ankara University’s Professor Kutalmış Görkay found something really amazing in the ground by digging it. He did this work with team of archeologists. They unearthed three ancient Greek mosaics in Turkish city of Zeugma near Syria border. When the archaeologist heard that the city was being swamping by a close at hand dam, they got inspiration to dig it out. They started their project of quarry in 2007 with full of tension and anxious that the ancient wealth of Zeugma would be vanished.

According to Görkay, before 1000 years, these multicolored mosaics were essential division of homes. It contained scores of fairy-tale or myth that these mosaic were set up in a room to have a high regard for ancient heroes, god and goddesses. For every room, theme selection was chosen with great concern. In fact, mosaics show the taste and interest of owner. If you see bedroom features, you’ll come to know that it’s showing lovers like Telete and Eros. Further, Professor Kutalmış Görkay told that, “They were a product of the patron’s imagination. It wasn’t like simply choosing from a catalog”.

The Greeks founded it in the 3rd century BC, they given it name Seleucia. In 64 BC, the Romans occupied and renamed the town Zeugma. In ancient Greek, it was meant crossing, overpass or bridge. For more than thousand years, the significance and magnificence of the previous cultural and civilization was elapsed. But it seems that the new life is set in motion to take breaths in the air by thanking to give concentration from the continuing excavations.

Source: Archaeology


Ancient_Greek_Mosaics_Uncovered_in_Turkish_City_of_Zeugma Ancient_Greek_Mosaic_Uncovered_in_Turkish_City_of_Zeugma Ancient_Greek_Mosaic_Uncovered_in_Turkish_City_of_Zeugma

Greek Mosaic Uncovered Greek Mosaic Uncovered Ancient_Greek_Mosaics_Uncovered_in_Turkish_City_of_Zeugma Greek Mosaic Uncovered Ancient_Greek_Mosaics_Uncovered_in_Turkish_City_of_Zeugma Greek Mosaic Uncovered Ancient Greek Mosaic Uncovered in Turkish City of Zeugma Ancient_Greek_Mosaics_Uncovered_in_Turkish_City_of_Zeugma Ancient Greek Mosaics Uncovered Ancient_Greek_Mosaics_Uncovered_in_Turkish_City_of_Zeugma Ancient_Greek_Mosaics_Uncovered_in_Turkish_City_of_Zeugma


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