Action photography is precisely what it sounds like, photographing action. Bound necessities ought to achieve a self-made image. Your camera may need a corrective action stetting. Otherwise you will strive the art of punning, during which you progress the camera at an equivalent speed because the subject is moving.

Ben Franke is a photographer/ Videographer based in NYC. He was born in Washington D.C, grew up in Germany and went to high school in Baltimore, Maryland. That is where he developed his passion for taking pictures after taking photography classes with Julie Stovall and Juan Castro. He went on to study photography at New York University and graduated in 2010 with a BFA. When photographing he strives to capture what he sees in order to document the world around him. He is a visual thinker, problem solver, speaks two languages and loves to experience new places and things. He is available for editorial and commercial assignments. In this article, we tend to’ve rounded up we collected an  action photography from Ben Frank.

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