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35 Free Icon Sets For Your Next Design

35 Free Icon Sets For Your Next Design

Beautiful and free icon sets always come in handy. In web-applications, memorable icons can be very helpful as they can make it easier for users to memorize how to perform some specific task or where to find some specific functions.

I put together a massive collection of some of my favorite icon designs work for your inspiration or use. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the icons — the license can change from time to time. So I hope you enjoy these 35 Free Icon Sets For Your Next Design and please if you liked this post feel free to Digg or bookmark it. Please feel free to suggest more icon sets in the comments of this post. Enjoy!

Function Free Icons

Basic Set

Onebit Free Icon Set #2

NIXUS Icon Pack

Coquette Part 5 Icons

Milky Icons Set

WooFunction Icons

Web Stock Icons


Addictive Flavour Icon Set

Bright! Icons Set

On-Stage Icon Set

Mobile Icon Set

3D Icon Set

Copenhagen Icon Set

Elegant Themes Icon Pack

Project Icons

Designer’s Portfolio Icon Set

Hand Pointer Icons

Shine Icons Set

Web Application Icons Set

Phuzion Icons

GiNUX Icons

Stationery Icons

Juicy Fruit Icon Set

Blogging Icon Set

Isloo Icon Set

Prime Icon Set

Quartz Icon Pack

Project Icon Set

Oxe Icons Set

WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set

Shiny Icon Set

Ravenna Icons

FRESH Add-on Icon Set


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